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It's about the money. It is always about the money.
If they are not busy throwing Trillions of taxpayer dollars to the winds as if it were confetti they are busy stealing ours. The last time the GOVERNMENT MAFIA, with the help of Bank of America, got into our cookie jar to the tune of 200M for each of them for a total of 425 Billion Dollars and were caught and stopped they said, "WE DON'T GET OURS YOU WILL NEVER GET YOURS". Sure enough we have not received have we? Now, once again, 1600 of D.C.'s finest, Senators, Congressmen/women, Judges, Lawyers, Cabinet Officials, Treasury and Justice Dept. types are to get 250M paid to them so we can have deliveries. Having learned of this WE now receive calls saying "oh, we have changed our minds now we are not going to do it". They must think WE and you just fell off a turnip truck. No word how much OBAMA is getting in addition to the trillions they are currently taking from the taxpayers and handing to their Banking Buddies and all who helped them get elected. Whether this is in addition to the 200M each for which their accounts were opened at Royal Bank of Canada years ago by B.of A. personel working for them we don't know. Lawyers tell us when this is over a class action lawsuit will be a slam dunk. More importantly, when the American people find out "their representatives" are two bit criminals belonging to a Government sponsored MAFIA there is going to be a whole lot of slam dunking going on if WE have to buy the NEW YORK TIMES to make it happen.  Blackmail, one of their many specialties, is no doubt behind this hand over of OPM to them. When you see these people running their mouths on television or at a townhall meeting realize who and what you are looking at.
Two million for neon signs in Las Vegas. 900K for a Frisbee course in Austin, Texas. The list of payoffs to friends is endless. 450 BILLION for such spending much of which is ongoing forever after economic recovery. This is their definition of "Stimulus". It is nothing more than armed robbery of generations of citizens in a desparate attempt to look busy, to get re-elected, to reward their special interest backers. Its another trillion of your money friends being thrown into a black hole. There are a hundred ways to spend a Trillion Dollars effectively but 535 of them can't find those ways with binoculars. The jobs they are "creating" are another 600,000 government jobs, 1.3M jobs total says the CBO at a cost of 600+K per job. Six hundred thousand per job. The Dems argue 3M jobs so thats only 250K or so per job. 500K to 600K Americans are losing their jobs MONTHLY so they are going to create 1.3M or 3M over several years? Big deal.  The bill is twice the size of all the expenditures in IRAQ over all the years.  This BUSH sponsored crisis has provided the Democrats led by Pelosi and Reid the perfect cover to fund 20 years of backed up "rewards" for their constituents.  How easy it is to steal and spend someone elses money. At the Senate Finance Committee hearings it came out that Treasury, using TARP funds, overpaid for the banks toxic assets by 78 Billion Dollars. Again taxpayer funds being handed to their buddies with no accountability whatsoever. Think about that folks. 350 Billion in a matter of two or three months taken from us by "our representatives", handed over to Paulson who then gives it to his banking buddies while the country burns down and already 78 BILLION of that identified as nothing more than a payoff to their banking buddies. They are raping, robbing and pillaging all over again using public debt as the weapon with Dodd and Frank once again at the forefront. There is no end to it and they are in on it and all of them are agents of the CORPORATION and the ILLUMINATI and have previously declared the American people to be the "enemy" when they brought forward the Trading with the Enemy ACT (from the early 1900's) and added us to it IN WRITING (see the writings of "S").   700B here, a Trillion there with Trillions upon Trillions more to come. The performance of our "leaders" is disgraceful. There is no bi-partisanship and no honeymoon.
Two or three "republicans" joined the Democrats behind closed doors leaving all conservatives without a voice. The interest alone on these incredible sums will reduce by hundreds of billions annually the money available to run the country. And, as with TARP, its got to be done by five o'clock or the world will end. These men and women have no idea what they are doing. They are not qualified to handle such sums, such future liabilities. Their decisions will hasten the demise of the currency bringing the worst tax of all down on the heads of the people that being the invisible tax called inflation. They refuse to listen to the Economist who come before them saying as much. There are huge negative consequences for what they are doing. The whole structure is insolvent. Throwing additional trillions into a black hole so as to appear to be "doing something" is a waste. If all the money so far thrown into the hole and yet to be thrown were properly managed while allowing the corrupt banks and GSE's to lay in the bed they made for themselves (failure) the whole system could have been reconstructed in a year on the foundation of solvent, honest, regional, existing domestic banks which were never part of the scams. Integrity and success would have been rewarded.  But Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, the Fed Res, The BUSH/OBAMA/PAULSON/GEITHNER TREASURY and the Illuminati and their puppets the politicians say no, we will instead try to save those who did the dastardly deeds in the first place. If they REALLY wanted to do it right they would pass "clawback" legislation to allow the Trillions already dispensed to their criminal brethren to be taken away from them including their mansions in the Hamptons. Of course that would cause the recipients of the fees, bonuses and taxpayer largess (Banks, Wall Street and GSE's) to expose the percentage of "the take" handed back to the politicians so we can't have that now can we. Someone should keep a running total of the cash which could be handed to every adult in America in a lump sum if the black hole money were given to them instead of to the criminals and their special friends. A tidy sum already I'm sure with twice as much yet to come. These jerks are voting on Hundred Billion Dollar Amendments they have neither read or have in their possession just as they did with the Patriot Act and the TARP funds. These are OUR REPRESENTATIVES??  No friends, they do not work for you or for me. Soon the world will be awash with money stolen from generations of taxpayers as they foolishly attempt to overcome unmanageable solvency problems with additional never ending doses of liquidity. The result will be an impossible situation for the people but they won't give a damn as they have 250M each plus whatever they normally steal to insulate themselves from that which they are delivering unto you.
The man in charge of the biggest weather related budget on the planet, 1.2 BILLION ANNUALLY, a man with five Masters Degrees and a PHD, a man unanimously confirmed by the Senate to head all of NASA not just the weather area, says Al Gore's man- made Global Warming conclusions are a Hoax. As does the head of "The Weather Channel" in the U.S. and his counterpart in Canada. For expressing these opinions openly these men and thousands more with advanced degrees have been vilified, publicly berated, called fools and worse. The United Nations desparately wants access to the wallets of American citizens and the Illuminati Agents acting in concert with them worldwide intend to see to it that they get that access. These agents are in every country, members of every government and they tolerate no debate and no dissent under penalty of destroying the careers of any who oppose them. Whether real or not, whether man- made or not, the conduct of the proponents should alert every American to the methods, madness and Gestapo tactics of the Global Warming Crowd. Their motto/theme song should be "Let No Sunshine In".
Thursdays update should obviously have been dated the 5th not the 4th. Days seem to run together.
I would not presume to speak for you but if i did, if i had control of the funds, i would tell the 1600 D.C. MAFIA members, "Keep the money. One condition. You must leave the country and never return".
WE still expect deliveries at any moment now that the criminals have extracted their gallon of blood. WE don't think our eastern most friends inside CITI and other N.Y. banks last week had much to do with us as some of you "in the know" might think.  In compliance, out of compliance, write downs of their level three assets are a direct hit to reserves so a bank not wanting to play ball can come out of compliance at will. To the extent the passage of the stimulus bill has been the hold up WE believe the votes of the three liberal republicans are assured therefore passage is assured therefore the payoff to FOB (Friends of OBAMA) is assured therefore that should not cause further interference.
It's a damn shame friends the depths to which our country has sunk. ALL ROADS LEAD TO CONGRESS.
               casper   2-7-09