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  Some things are just to absurd not to mention.
While one part of the stimulus bill provides billions to fight global warming, another part provides hundreds of millions for additional polar ice breaking ships.
While the politicians chastise TARP recipients for excursions to expensive resorts, both the Dems and the Republicans went to four star resorts and spa's last week and this week with families and guest at taxpayer expense spending lord knows how much money.
BILL CLINTON, in a panel discussion at Davos;  "I don't think its wrong for the Government and the Central Bank to take over the economy". I saw this myself (T.V.).
Called the "Big Bang", the OBAMA economic package is to be announced next week and is likely to include the "bad bank" solution meaning they will buy the worthless assets from the banks printing the money "out of air" to do so and lay them off on the taxpayer at inflated values accelerating the devaluation of the dollar resulting in the final economic screwing of the people as inflation and rising interest rates takes whatever is left of public net worth. "Final" I say because the poor and middle class will be completely wiped out and there will be nothing left to trick them (us) out of. Then we can all rise up in righteous anger so the blue helmets can come and save us from ourselves. Checkmate. World government.
Meanwhile Global Taxation (Senate Bill 2433) under the guise of eliminating poverty WORLDWIDE (tax U.S. Citizens with money going to the U.N.) is making its way through the Congress as the Dems/liberals/progressives/illuminati simultaneously call for the elimination of conservative talk radio (freedom of speech) because they can't afford to have anyone telling the people what they are doing.
Meanwhile a big push for gun control and even confiscation is being openly discussed. No fair shooting back you understand.
Meanwhile the "candy toss" disguised as a stimulus bill is now $900.B/plus and growing, also to be counterfeited out of thin air and billed to the taxpayer since foreigners won't finance it.  We would be better off assigning the economic policies of the U.S. government to the workers at Taco Bell.
The televised hearings of the SEC/MADOFF scandal this week leaves one wondering whether COX and Comrades were on the MADOFF payroll. What else could explain their unbelievable incompetence. Perhaps STORY/HENNEGAN are right that the MADOFF worldwide ponzi operation was funneling money to the BUSH/CLINTON crime syndicate which put COX in office.
Having handed over 350B of the TARP funds to Paulson with no oversight whatsoever it is sickening to now watch BARNEY FRANK, CRISS DODD, CHUCK SCHUMER et al pretending to be "outraged" there is no accounting of where the money went. What a joke.  Having led this fiasco to its present state just as they led the collapse of FREDDIE/FANNIE then pretended to be outraged is sick sick sick. Only a deaf and dumb public would swallow this crap. There is an appropriate use of the internment camps. No one can be this stupid, no one. They are silly putty in the hands of criminals and they are willing participants.
At Senate hearings today on the TARP funds several Senators said their phones were "ringing off the hooks" (mad Americans). I would like to think we/you/us had something to do with that. Probably not but who knows?
If there is one thing that is absolutely certain it is that WASHINGTON D.C. IS A CESSPOOL OF CORRUPTION AND THE BELTWAY IS A GIANT TOILET SEAT. Stemming the ongoing national and world economic and social meltdown/collapse with this bunch of crooks and clowns at the helm is the height of folly. What is needed is the resignation of the CORPORATION/SWAMP CREATURE and all its agents and a return to law and order (Constitution) legitimate banking and debt forgiveness.
Now for the news:
Two weeks ago "they didn't want to do it with Paulson in place" so will wait till the next week after Geithner's confirmation. That was Tuesday last. Wednesday thru Friday of last week one B.S. story after another (arresting more bad guys, security issues) takes us to deliveries Monday and Tuesday of this week with IMF types still sitting on their butts around the world waiting for us to go first and being promised "in stone" Wednesday after we went Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday they were moved to Thursday because we had been moved to Wednesday due to last minute checks being done. Wednesday we get moved to Thursday (today) and they get moved to Friday, more gobbledygook excuses. Now its Thursday and already(a.m.) the excuses have begun- putting us off till tomorrow. Note that this procedure is orchestrated and worldwide in scope. It is distributed from the very very top. Yesterday for example we RECEIVED calls from several unknown parties from D.C. area code numbers openly telling us it would be today. When questioned--they hung up. For the briefest moment we thought finally they have gotten religion. Then we deduced "another round of bullchit". This fit hand and glove with others around the world receiving the same song and dance at approximately the same time. We are all being manipulated/tortured-you choose the word-and it has been going on for awhile now. Why would our OBAMA sources, who we know to be real, say one thing and others with OBAMA sources, which we assume to be real, say another? WE think "they" have finally obtained such a tight grip on the control and dissemination of all information at every level that we are now at the mercy of OBAMA and the ABC BOYS. They are pros, we collectively are amateurs. Either the day by day week by week delays are legit for unknown reasons or everyone everywhere are being intentionally manipulated daily, perhaps both. For example, three weeks ago, at the time of the BUGGING OPERATIONS of OUR homes, WE were working with "friends" around the country (let us call them GEORGE and HARVEY) who were assisting the effort to "get it done". Suddenly George and Harvey are in D.C. unexpectedly and since then they have not been seen or heard from. WE think they got "bought". Subsequently WE heard, from different sources, all judges and lawyers involved have been "bought".  
Acknowledging the above described manipulation does not mean that WE think "the wheels have come off". WE think the enormity of it all relegates our part of the big picture to the role of the dogs tail. Our receiving may be the "kick-off" event but much else must be "green lighted" first. It was not long ago when the G-20 got "bought". It didn't last proving that "they" don't have the biggest stick but as you have observed "they" never give up. And so, while it would be an understatement to say that we are p__ sed we don't smell defeat. WE think, having watched carefully for such a long time, that completion is a matter of international negotiated agreements as opposed to the BUSH problems which were outright sabotage, but only a blind man would fail to recognize who and what surrounds OBAMA and that today's excuse making and daily delays continues the BUSH pattern.
Three or four months ago we were told and we reported that the world had made the decision that the U.S. is "to big to fail". Since then everything we have witnessed indicates that was accurate as the worlds central banks joined the Fed in the attempt to bail out the world and preserve the existing fiat banking and financial system. A new metals backed banking system, whether sovereign or privately implemented, is the opposite of the existing system (The Fed is a privately owned system also but is fiat). If sovereign, the new is Treasury, actually Constitutional Treasury and would mean we have retrieved our monetary system from the Illuminati Bankers and with that would come a return to the Constitution and the demise of the Corporation. If private, as STORY alludes to it is one privately owned banking cartel over taking another. WE believe in the former with the possibility it would operate side by side with the Fed Res for a short period after which the Fed might survive in name, under Treasury, to set interest rate policy and clean up offshore Fed Res business. And who is head of Treasury? The former head of the most important Fed Res Bank in N.Y......With 570T of Derivatives "out there" and U.S. Banks holding tons and tons of upside down crap so far not even acknowledged (to the public) much less reworked or bailed out, "change" is inevitable and OBAMA can't change that. Decisions belong to the creditors except, possibly, to continue to try to forestall the inevitable if in fact that is what he is doing.
On another subject it might be wise to lay in an emergency supply of cash and food in your home not only as insurance regarding the banking situation but also because there are military oriented rumors about terrorist sleeper cells being activated.
Lets see what happens tomorrow. Will update over the weekend if no action.
               casper   2-4-09