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POOF Report -- January 25, 2009

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Subject: Transition

Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 15:57:03 -0500


Everybody Laughed But You  lyrics

Everybody laughed when I told them

I wanted you, I wanted you

Everybody grinned they humoured me

They thought that someone had spiked my tea

Everybody screamed, they told me you

Would cost the moon, we'll be there soon

Everybody laughed till they were blue

They didn't believe my words were true

Everybody laughed but you

It's easy to lose touch with all the friends

You like so much or liked so much

Everybody laughed they couldn't take me seriously

Abandoned me

Sometimes I would read of things they'd done in magazines

They made the scene

Everybody left with such important things to do

But I'm not blue

Everybody left but you

Everybody left but you

Many years have passed

And some have fallen by the way I heard them say

Everybody dreamed but those who fell

Are sleeping now, they're sleeping now

Everybody climbed like ivy to the top most branch

It was their chance

Everybody grasped till they were through

It's all they thought that they could do

Cause everybody fell

Everybody fell

Everybody fell but you

Greetings and Salutations;

 Ironies, upon ironies with the ascension of the new president. They who  can't help but keep the crap going, afraid to take a breath, and watch to  see what happens rather than prejudge the anomoly, will continue to watch  suprise after suprise, when it's realized that the ground has definately  shifted under their feet. As a fourth child, I became quite adept at  watching and listening before opening my mouth on a given subject until all  information was available. We just spent 8 years of watching smoke and  mirrors of the bush illusion of surety of the mission. Are we so conditioned  to a conspiracy under every rock, we are unprepared mentally and  spiritually, to step back and use a little silent introspection? So  conditioned to the constant din of chatter, has silence and reflection  become a fearful place within us? Do we Have to pay attention to every  spectre of goblin thoughts raging thru the mind?

 As I learned and listened, discussions about this program, the release of  the imf and other related funds into the world, were ongoing with this admin  before the oath was taken. What came up was some very nasty exec orders  junior had inserted to make it difficult at best, to deliver to the lenders   in this country safely. A promise was made and a promise was kept, the  immediate wiping out of said exec orders. No matter what the bush cabal  wanted or wants, they lost this war. As I have said in the past, if someone  has the power to give you power, why would you think they wouldn't also have  the capacity to take that power away? As a master in kung fu said once, I  taught you everything you know, but I did not teach you everything I know,  that you must learn for yourself. In return for this quick movement, all the  tax money that had been sent in here by the europeans covering this program  will be liquified as the packs are dropped, then there's buckets coming into  the treasury from the imf releases, since the the imf release in dollars, a  nice chunk in tax money and fees for the use of the dollar, this was what  junior had before him but decided to go another way. "They" have also made  it clear, the imf would only release under the new treasurer, nothing thru  the cleptomanic, paulson. There will also be a bit of financial cushion  added, as the dollar descends in value during this transition. It's amazing  what honest brokerage can do. Everyone just be their word and things happen,  how novel.

 What we've all been waiting for arrives now, not just for the us lenders  but for folks all over the world. Projects now get funded so sorely needed  in 3rd world countries, victims of global greed. It makes it really  difficult to keep the hate going when people start getting their needs taken  care of, what's the motivation to fight then?  We start with the needs and  the wants will follow, not a hard equation at all. I know there is quite the  compliment of people out here who are only too willing to join into the  effort to freeing the planet of the unnecessary problems. The tech has been  around for a long time to rework the energy needs of the planet, to wipe out  tons of diseases, to clean the air and water, and rid the world of hunger.  It has only taken the will to do it and that has remained the fear of the  illuminati, once 'regular' people have the wherewithall to do something, it  would be the bane of the greedy, leaving them lonely in the sewage of their  plans. You simply turn your back and walk away from them, no matter how they  scream out how we need them.

 Still, the time lines remain in place, 3-5 years to clean this mess up.  Simply walking into the presidency or any job for that matter, if it's your  job to straighten out the problems, it will take a time as you keep going  deeper into the structural damage to fix it. The layers over here are at  least 100 years old, so the picks and shovels will be going until the  bedrock is found again. And let's not be naive and think you can get things  done without folks who know where the bodies are, carter tried that and it  didn't work out too well. The people are already scared, no reason to blow  their heads all the way up and they weren't up on what the problems were in  the first place. I might call this the reeducation of the american mind,  being taken from grade school to a phd in global responsibilty. Many will be  uncomfortable with being taken out of their onesided view of the world and  they will protest loudly, much like someone being awakened by a bucket of  cold water from a deep sleep. I'm in favor of sending them all, no matter  their affiliation to the bikini islands and let them settle their nuclear  ideas between each other there, and leave the rest of us out of it. You know  the old saying, 'misery loves company', as far as, I'm concerned, that's all  the company they need, each other. See how long hate will sustain them.

 That 88 is on the move, be ready when it rumbles into your neighborhood.  Good luck and may your future be filled with joy. Just give yourself a  moment for the personal transition to sweep across the gyri of the brain and  get a grip on what's happened to you and your world.

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Love and Kisses,