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CASPER UPDATE: January 21, 2009

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Normal Info/Intel flows have been shut down more effectively than ever before, for the past week.
WE hear there was a VIP meeting after BUSH'S farewell to the nation Thursday night the 15th. Even now WE are unsure what that was all about. Rumor says it resulted in an agreement to put delv off until today or tomorrow so that BUSH would never be able to claim credit for the funding. OBAMA had supposedly agreed to all this and rumor said he would immediately lift BUSH executive orders which ordered the carriers not to deliver. WE can not verify any of this and we have tried. This morning we are hearing of possible delays till Friday of this week which if true means the excuse making may have started up again under OBAMA. Or, more likely, just one more in a long list of delays.
It's honeymoon time. Those who voted for and believe in OBAMA are on cloud nine with hundreds of thousands of them waiting in freezing weather before day break to be sure they could see his acceptance and oath shortly after noon yesterday. There was so much happiness and joy all around to be rid of BUSH and to welcome hope and change it was a moving visual even for the 55 million of us who didn't vote for him and do not believe his liberal policies and liberal cabinet are in our countries best interest. I believe OBAMA to be an extremist like those he has kept company with and that his soaring moderate rhetoric can cover the truth no more as his policies will expose him as a Socialist bordering on Communist. In fairness however, he is saying all the right things and if you will notice he often refers to the Constitution even when it is not necessary to the point he is making. It is honeymoon time and we conservatives should join his supporters in giving him every benefit of the doubt and indeed our prayers for a successful Presidency. Trust but verify.
Did he sign off and delv will be this week? Or is he following the CLINTON/BUSH/ILLUMINATI orders to block deliveries? We will know very soon whether he is working for the CORPORATION/SWAMP CREATURE or for WE THE PEOPLE.
BUSH was welcomed home to Midland, Texas by large crowds and delivered an emotional speech the theme of which was he "always did what he believed was right for the country". Is he delusional? Or does he have knowledge we don't have? Is he just arrogant and stupid? Or do those who know him best and have known him his whole life know more than those who despise him so (which includes yours truly). To what extent is our view of him colored by our knowledge of his blockage of deliveries? I think our view of him is extremely tainted, that the reasons for it are valid and that it goes far beyond our self interest. I think he is owned outright by the NWO, the ILLUMINATI, the BANKS and would sell us out to the NAU in a heartbeat if he could. This is why I despise him and will despise OBAMA if he follows CLINTON/BUSH policies at the expense of the Constitution and our nations Sovereignty.
At the Geithner confirmation hearings today ex Fed Head Volker referred to the meltdown as "the mother of all financial crisis". Bank stocks continue to crash with CITI now below 3$/share. Royal Bank of Scotland announced a loss of 41.3B for '08,  CITI 8.3B., and don't forget, banks around the world, South Korea for instance, are still open only due to massive credit being provided by the Fed Res.  Now they are suggesting MADOFF may not have been placing any trades at all. Imagine that. It seems IMPOSSIBLE the SEC could not have known that.
Those who write to say your info/Intel does not agree with ours, thank you for writing.
WE say what we have to say here for all to see and no disrespect intended, but WE believe in our sources and our information not yours.
There has always been conflicting Intel, STORY'S stories are a good example. WE prefer our own Kool-aid if you wish to view it that way.
Interesting don't you think?
It is so easy/justified to be angry, frustrated, emotionally upset with the never ending delays.
Get a grip.
Long ago WE promised you if the wheels ever came off we would tell you.
Such is not the case to the very best of our knowledge which is extensive but incomplete..... All is well.
Be at peace.
WE still expect completion very very soon.
              casper  1-21-09