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POOF Report: January 18, 2009

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Subject: Between the Breaths

Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2009 17:11:52 -0500

Greetings and Salutations;

 This is wrap up time for 'Poofy'. Not a person worth their salt has kind  word for what's happening in the global finance dept. Behind closed doors,  there's a lot of scurrying around, as folks in all walks of life are looking  for cover. Folks are using superlatives to express everything. Quiet as it's  being kept, wall st is scared, tho obama has wall st insiders in his  administration, his use of them is what is making the difference. Rocky's  people and his student's, ghwb, people aren't secure in what this guy is  going to do. He's actually talking to people outside the circle, russians  and chinese. He actually thinks about things and in a world where presidents  are told what to do, this guy is proving to be an x factor. One of the first  things he was told was about these programs, imf, etc, etc, on the very next  day after the election, by no other than the cia, in chicago. All the other info was covered right along with it, why it was not done yet, who is  responsible, ergo; why this is the economy you're getting, oh yea, how it  could have been greatly assuaged. Why there's so much suffering in the  world. He was not a happy camper. Of course they told him just How hard the  asians were sqeezing...and I don't mean the governments. Even greenspan gave  that up in one  of his many mumble mouth congressional thingies, he stated  quite clearly, it wasn't about the other central banks. It was the private  investors who held the key to this economy.

 This thing was intended to be over at least by the time the treasury  secretary was chosen. Why wasn't it? A very important piece of the gearing  was not greased. Even tho, everything else was readied right up to last  week, no way was anyone going to allow this bunch get their 'sticky fingers'  on any of this money. Negotiations were done in the background but with no  results satisfactory for the plan to work. You are seeing the foundation of  the fed disappear from under it, but it means nothing to the casual observer  without knowing what connects to what for over 100 years. Think of folks  like JP Morgan and JD Rockefeller, those institutions still mean something  in modern day banking. Citi is eating it right now, as it turns from being a  group back to being a singularity. Rocky took a blast when O'Neil was in the  treasury, this is the bookend on the whole deal with the rothschilds...end  of an era...this is also cleaning up business with the dragon clan and old  loans to both.

 If I were going to point at a place where a problem still existed in the  whole shift, the dropping of the packs, the imf, etc, the engagment of the  new banking system, it would be Citi. The last of their obligations in the  big world must be satisfied. They've got a lot of collateral and unhappily  they've had no choice but to cash, they need one is  taking anybody's funny papers out here. No iou's! The other thing is the  treasury sec being in place for the imf programs because of their  relationship with the dollar and the new banking system. No one likes  paulson either.

 Everyone out here are like vultures on tree branches, ready to swoop down  and grap there stuff, we aren't alone, but at least they know where their  bankers are, already talked to them. Everyone out here is waiting for one  thing to happen because that's THE point where everything blows. Folks are  at various levels of what information or detail they have, but the theme is  the same, all over the planet. If that doesn't mean much to you, the world's  looking straight down the pipe at a depression of biblical size, and there's  a way to assuage the situation, and always has been. It has to be done Now  because there's no choice, short of it, and all bernanke has is a beard and  printing press. The only thing I can say about this, this is going down at  any moment, it could've already happened, I don't know, because it's not  like I'm on anyone's rolodex. Bills must be paid and there's no way around  it, all passage ways have been blocked. Stand by and be ready, is the best I  can tell you.

 The folks who've emailed this address for consultations, I will be calling  on monday, as things stand. Anyone else who needs a consult, email this  address as usual. Just be aware, I can 'Poof' at any moment, I'm not trying  to hang around here, don't need the education. Donations accepted at  account

Love and KIsses,


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