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CASPER/ WENDY UPDATE: January 13, 2009

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Casper is "Out of Pocket" at the moment, so this will be brief and probably not as eloquent as Casper would write.
The Intel points will all be covered.
1.)  The packages were returned to the SC.  This was done under orders from George Bush and Co.
2,) "Bugs"/ Listening devices have been discovered in Key Peoples Homes last evening.  There were very sophisticated, high tech, top of the line devices.
3.) The key person in Washington, that was supposed to be working on OUR Side, and working WITH us, has admitted that he was working for the Other Side..for the Bad Folks and was promised VAST SUMS of money--OUR MONEY as soon as they were able to Steal it.  We believe that he has turned over Vital Information FROM US TO THEM. 
WE also believe that has been successful in blocking  phone lines and other communications to key people overseas.
4.) THEY KNEW of our plans all along. We have been wondering How THEY WERE one step AHEAD OF US ALL THE TIME.  NOW WE KNOW.  IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.
They ( The bad guys) have no money to pay the "Bastards" with --THEY are broke.
The ONLY funds available are OUR FUNDS.   WE will see THEM in HELL before they ever get a hold of these funds.
More when more available.
"Wendy"  Casper's Friend.
((PS:  WE are still investigating "Washington".  HE will have to PROVE what side he is on NOW.))