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NESARA will Give Americans Money When Fixing Bailout

Dove of O

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Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,


We have all been through the wringer in the last few weeks as Bush pulled the first of his three-part plan to cause major economic problems in the US this month.

The so-called Wall Street bailout is all lies and deception. The Illuminati heads of banks, investment banks, and AIG, were all playing their parts to make it look like there was a “real” financial crisis.  In fact, this was all orchestrated to enable Bush to get his hands on more money and for other Illuminati to grab wealth at low prices.  Bush gets $100 Billion from the bailout bill to use at his own discretion, so the ploy worked.

Number two in Bush’s plan: Bush had planned to order a banking holiday this week beginning on Tuesday and running through Friday. We had help keeping this banking holiday from occurring.

Number three in Bush’s plan: Bush also plans to cause a full stock market crash on Friday, October 10th. However, there have already been measures taken to prohibit the crash from happening. Bush was hoping to cause enough trouble so that the masses would react and then Bush would have an excuse to declare Martial Law. The reason? Bush wants to stop the November elections so he can stay in the White House. Bush wants to go straight from the White House to being the “Grand Marshall of the Illuminati’s North American Union” which will not be happening.

However, the election should happen and Bush should be pushed out in January when the President-elect moves into the White House.


Today’s stock market drops were caused by Bush’s Illuminati stockbroker buddies to prepare the American public for Bush’s plan to CRASH the stock markets tomorrow. However, Bush will NOT get the crash he wants.


Senator John McCain has been a member of the Illuminati since 1979 and Sarah Palin has been an Illuminati since 2006. The McCain-Palin duo has been picked by the Illuminati to win in Nov. 2008. Don’t be surprised if the time between now and then seems strange or if some strange things happen in the election to give the election to McCain.

Go ahead and vote for Obama if you want – McCain and Palin will be removed by NESARA.

If what has been reported about the bailout bill is right, NESARA will be paying off the mortgages just bought by the Treasury and Americans should get some kind of money benefit from the payoff of the mortgages.


In Washington state where I live, the election in Nov. includes an ILLUMINATI bad guy running for governor: his name is Dino Rossi. Dino Rossi is running as a member of the “GOP” in the hope some voters will not realize he is a republican. Bush is so disliked, republicans are trying in some places to distance themselves from the republican party. Dino Rossi and his entire family are serious Illuminati. We in Washington state MUST vote for Christine Gregoire, the incumbent governor, to keep our state safe. Christine is NOT an Illuminati. I have access to the Illuminati’s own membership list through one of my intelligence contacts. Dino is and has been on the list for 19 years. Dino wants to reduce the minimum wage by $1.50 per hour! Dino is a really bad man for many reasons.

Things may be a little bumpy for the next few months but NESARA will be arriving to fix all these problems. NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,

Dove of Oneness

Executive Director

International NESARA Take Action Teams