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A Few Personal Thoughts For Casper on His 7/25 Fourwinds Post

Don Hynes

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From: Don Hynes
To: Patrick & Anne Bellringer
Sent: Friday, July 25, 2008 5:05 PM
Subject: A few personal thoughts for Casper on his 7/25 FourWinds Post.
Hi Casper,

 I read your thoughts and reports regularly on FourWinds. I thought I’d respond to your recent post. Patrick and Anne have been good enough to post a number of my essays and poems. You can sample my poetry at my poetry website or read my political writings at Vantage Point or Dissident Voice. However, I want to share a few thoughts closer to what I believe is at the heart of the left vs right questions you raised, a very large issue in our contemporary world.

 Left and right, conservative and liberal both contribute to a harmonious culture. When they are in balance they exist in the “middle way” as the Dalai Lama describes it in classical Buddhist terms, and in complimentary balance allow for a fertile and productive interplay of forces. If liberalism becomes overbalanced society moves through layer after layer of more and more independence until independence becomes anarchy. Conversely, if conservatism becomes imbalanced we move through layer upon layer of control and structure until we arrive at fascism or the police state. Fear is the driving force behind both these extreme disparities, coupled with greed and uncompromising self interest.

 I realize that one could easily say that both forces meet at the same point with communism and fascism just two ends of the same stick, but for the purpose of addressing your recent post I’d posit my premise and ask for your allowance of it knowing that neither of us has any taste for repression or the moral cesspool we presently know as the Federal Government in Washington DC, Clinton or Bush style.

 A titanic struggle is underway in our country and throughout the world. It is easy enough to say that the problem of appropriate government versus independent behavior would be solved through nobleness of individual character but there are hundreds of thousands of people represented in dozens if not hundreds of websites throughout the world who are aware of the moral and wise foundation of their identity and destiny but who are struggling in the larger context of what we are to do collectively even if we do know who we are.

 Will your sharpshooting against the liberalism side of this balance provide an opportunity to arrive at the middle way or just provoke further reaction amongst us of whom many can be said to be striving for balance and a path forward? This is not a rhetorical question. Clinton was a horror in my view and your thought that the “left yawned” at his immorality is the stuff of Rush Limbaugh bigotry, not useful analysis. It was the religious and moral right that provided cover for Bush’s theft of the 2000 election and the American Right or Wrong flag, which under those terms should always be flying upside down to signal distress, which was the middle America populist agenda of 2002 that brought hell to Iraq and now economically to us.

 If you want to take Obama down be aware that many on the left are more and more mistrustful of his marching in step with NWO characters like Brezhinski and the like. But calling McCain a “war hero” ignores the abundance of information on the internet, including FourWinds, of the extreme doubtfulness of that characterization. Does the fact that his father was an admiral make him presidential? That’s the fortunate son agenda that got the present Executive malcontent a place at Yale and the Oval Office. BTW, McCain was near the bottom of his class at Annapolis and his reputation as a midshipman and subsequent officer was nothing to commend him as president.

 Each of us must provide an example of thinking beyond the limits of our own concepts or political preferences and work toward “middle way,” not of false compromise but of the truth that will emerge through our earnest intent, that would provide for a radical healing at the core of our nation and the world as a whole.

 Our enemy isn’t left or right, but “wickedness in high places” as once put. Here’s an example:

 The Palestinian Bar-Mitzvah

 With best regards,

 Don Hynes

Vantage Point