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Casper Update: May 6, 2008

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What exactly does this mean? It means we really really don't know everything.
It may be true that our Intel Group is better at tracking daily events than other persons or groups. WE have been at it for way longer than a decade and I would bet/guess that collectively we are better at it than most others.
I can say with virtual certainty that no group works harder at trying to find the continuously unfolding truth than do WE.
And yet, what is on Caspers mind this morning is the extent to which the reader/s might over estimate our capabilities considering the fact that we usually do know more than most other messengers and we often know things sooner than others.
Friends, we are often mislead just like everyone else. And even when we know accurately about some important detail or another we are always learning about things after the fact, after something has happened or not happened but we have little fore knowledge of things yet to come, items necessary to completion we don't know about and typically learn about only after the fact. What's worse, we now have enough experience to realize that even if we were 100% correct, which we never are regarding daily details, we still could not claim under any circumstances to actually KNOW the larger/ultimate truths of what is actually happening on a world scale. We do of course analyze to the best of our ability and our OPINIONS find their way into our written words. But we know, and we ask you to know, that what is actually coming down on a world scale involving Governments, International Courts, monetary systems both old and new, exiting U.S. Corporate Bankruptcy-or not, returning to the Constitution-or not, announcements, thousands of arrest, Basel II-or-III, Global Banking, international settlement of debts, debt forgiveness between nations, our individual debt forgiveness, the demise of the FED RES and payoff to current owners, political and/or Treaty settlements reaching back to at least 1933 and likely 1861/64, monarchies, secret societies, the Vatican, the Mormons, multiple international trusts and foundations, Homeland Security, "hit" teams running to and fro, the list of those involved in one way or another is endless. WE don't actually KNOW what they are doing. If we sometimes sound "uppity" because we know this or that detail let this list and these words say loudly WE DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING. And we may know very little in the big scheme of things.
It's sorta like a "spiritual" lesson I learned long ago. In the world of sprit you are always at the beginning, meaning that the more you learn the more you realize how much you don't know. Like an inverted pyramid the acquisition of knowledge, learning from the bottom up, is exponential.  Our "deal" is like that.
We may know more than do you but that may not mean squat in the big scheme of things.
And another thing. Casper has no right to disparage the thoughts, beliefs or opinions of others. He should learn to attend his own knitting and let you the reader discern truth for self. All we can do is report what little we learn and hope it is helpful to our fellow travelers who have suffered so greatly over the years of "tomorrow" tomorrow tomorrow. Our goal has always been to be helpful but not to lead anyone down trails of our making.
Last weekend (Saturday) we came into possession of information which was just HUGE in our little world of investigative reporting. It involved the overcoming of the BUSH/CLINTON interference with deliveries and why they would never do so again. It was exciting news and Casper was chomping at the bit to report it to you. Wiser council said wait so we did. The information turned out to be false. Once again our credibility would have taken a major hit. This kind of thing happens often and is usually the result of INTENTIONAL misleading info being distributed at the highest levels, in this case MADAM WU. The point is that only a handful of world leaders know what is actually going on and they are LIARS. So we do the best we can under the circumstances.
And another thing. Because we work so hard at what we do and focus so much of our attention on our desired and expected outcomes we seldom spend time thinking about possible scenario's other than the one we believe in and are therefore "stuck" in. We must all remain vigilant regarding whether we have misread the big picture, whether the NWO and the NAU and the CORPORATE BANKRUPTCY and so on and so forth have fooled us, and you with our help, and will be the survivors in all this when the real truth becomes known. You know that's not what we think but what does what WE "think" have to do with the price of spinach?
To sum this up we are doing the best we can, we provide our opinions for your consideration, but it is each persons individual responsibility to listen to all sources and discern truth for self.
             Casper   5-6-08
p.s. some sources say today, some say Wed&Thurs..