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COMMENTS: Casper Update Jan 24, 2008


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Dear Patrick and Fourwinds Group:

There is little if anything that can be said by anyone this far down the food chain.  At one level in the 3 D movie, Soros’s comments to the world at the Davos Conference cannot be trumped, and everyone knows it.  But, what do his conclusions really mean?  As a matter of technicality, ‘money’, ‘economy’, ‘wealth creation’, ‘risk’, ‘risk of loss’ or “liability”,  ‘benefit’, ‘potential benefit’, ‘gain’ etc. all go hand in hand.  Afterall, the supposed ‘marketplace’ is a venue for offers to be made (asking) and accepted or rejected on face, or countered with a different offer (bid).  The FRN_U.S. ‘dollar’ is not increasing in or even holding value on a daily basis against other currencies of the world.  It has been on the progressive  ‘slide’ for a long period of time, but with a steeper and more accelerated ‘slope’ in the past year or so.  The U.S. ‘economy’ has been farmed out and sold out to foreign economies which are ‘emerging’, or have already emerged, primarily in Asia, although S. America is now coming on line.    Economists and masters of the money machinery who run the planet’s commercial nervous system have assembled at Davos, Switzerland for a few days, and have all summarily concluded that the FRN is no longer the preferred reserve currency of nations, and that the FRB’s [mis]management of the U.S. “economy”  is largely the direct cause of the entire global system being put at risk.  The thing I do not see apparent is that EVERYONE NATION, BANK, FORUM, or VENUE WHICH OPERATES IN COMMERCE has GONE ALONG WITH IT, BEEN A PARTY TO IT, AND HAS SERVED IN SOME MANNER TO CREATE ‘GLOBAL HEGEMONY’ of the U.S. ‘dollar’ [which is nothing whatsoever, and not even a real DOLLAR] under regime of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK and the “UNITED STATES”.  The institutions, peoples, nations, and sovereigns of the world have all contributed to and benefited from the ‘CREATURE FROM JEKYL ISLAND’ [FRB] and it’s FIAT EMPIRE, projecting through and as the ‘UNITED STATES’.  WHO really knows what that marriage is really all about?  It can be presumed that it is at its base level all about POWER and WHO CONTROLS IT. 

POWER words which get to the same point but by different means are:  “democracy’, ‘socialism’, ‘communism’, ‘free market capitalism’, ‘fascism’, ‘hegemony’, ‘oligarchy’, ‘cartel’, ‘enterprise’, ‘venture’, ‘corporation’, ‘trust’, ‘estate(s)’, ‘sovereign’ and ‘sovereign authority’, ‘divine right’, ‘master-slave’, ‘regulation-control’.  Oh, and don’t forget to throw in the idea of ‘property’, ‘ownership vs. use’, ‘rights vs. privileges’, ‘value vs. worth’, ‘benefactor and beneficiary’, ‘interest’, ‘title’, etc.   “Value” is being lost, or sucked out of the financial [equity] markets daily somewhere on the planet.   Where did the value lost in the markets the other day go?  Where did the value gained by the markets in the past day or so come from?  Who’s responsible?  Who is loosing or gaining?  Who is holding or ‘owning’ what?  Buy low, sell high?  Profit is made in the purchase of a thing, not when it is sold.  There are always two sides to someone’s ‘gain’.  Traders, brokers, money managers, etc. worth their salt know how to make “money”, increase ‘holdings’, enhance wealth accumulation, and drive or respond to driven ‘values’ in any up or down market.   They don’t make the same kind of BIG MONEY in stable or even markets, where values are reasonably determined by perception, sentiment, supply-demand [based upon real productivity and performance and a full disclosure of material facts], and where transactional activity is not conducted by buyers and sellers, acting through intermediary ‘broker-agents’, ‘traders’, ‘listing indexes’ etc., who are addicted to pumping adrenalin  every day and who never breathe normally.  These folks feed on adrenalin like dog chewies.  And, they only know how to hyper-ventilate, compress and decompress, and speed talk.  Their job or their business venture is to make money with other people’s money, and they rarely match a client name with a face, except if it is a ‘major client’.   Just look at the news yesterday out of France.  The cover story may or may not be all of it.  Billions in alleged ‘unauthorized’ trading losses by some guy sitting in the back room of a boiler trading operation, that few people knew and could barely identify?   Billions lost?  Who was he trading for?   Where was the intended gain to go?   Who lost, and who gained?   Where did all the flowers go?   All of those words are POWER WORDS which we have been fed for many years, and we think we know what they mean.  But, do we?  What do we know?   I conclusion is that the world as we know it, perceive it, and experience it today, is fundamentally about  COMMERCE, WHO CONTROLS IT, WHO MAKES THE RULES, WHO ENFORCES THE RULES, AND WHO BENEFITS OR LOOSES.

Now that Davos is about over, and the US and the FRB have gotten roasted, the FRB is now contemplating another ‘rate’ decrease to help save [re-stabilize] the U.S. economy from further deterioration, which is the same as saying that their system of usury within the United States will be further manipulated in an effort to cause a ‘stimulus effect’ to come about, which they hope will cause a new cycle of creating more fiat ‘value’ on commercial paper ‘loans’ as ‘debt’ ‘money’ in the U.S. economic-monetary system.  Their global ‘dollar’ hegemony is in the tank, and the cow that they milk is not only not eating, the grass has withered, and drought has now been brought upon the land of Camelot. 


This was a circuitous route to get us down to the ‘real’.  People who spend their day ‘trading paper’ and who live in the ‘legal fiction’ world of ‘corporations’, ‘politics’, ‘policies’, assigning ‘value’ to life’, ‘banking on it’ etc. are largely those who have set an agenda to convert the old FIAT EMPIRE into a more stable global regime for managing EXCHANGE TRANSACTIONS amongst the peoples and nations of the world.  That is what ‘economies’ are all about.  Creating or providing something which anyone may perceive as ‘useful’ or ‘beneficial’, and then creating the necessary means for it to be exchanged for something of equal [or greater] value to providers.  Everyone has something to provide.

Those who purport to control economic systems, which are about the lives of real people, their “productivity”, and their need to reach out to others who may find use value or ‘benefit’ in what they have to offer, are those who are aspiring or conspiring to change the nature, means, and medium of ‘exchange’ amongst the nations and peoples of the world.    One must assume that Casper, just like the rest of us, relies on information coming from others.  Everyone operates with ‘INTELLIGENCE’, at some level and to some degree or other on a daily basis.  Just going grocery shopping is an act of making a decision to go to a certain store and make a series of sequential buying decisions by free will choice under the conditions present at the time.  No one forces anyone to buy Mac and Cheese, or Brand X.  The buyer chooses from what is available and at whatever the price is.   Intelligence or information about NESARA and the global banking changes is not much different, except we are not dealing with known products that we can see, taste, touch, or feel, and we have no one to go to if we have a question, really.   Casper and his network of connections have likely done about as much as anyone could do to inform the ‘non-player’ who for the most part is simply perceived as a ‘useless eater’ and part of the ‘herd’ that has been milked for so long.   There are others who have remained active in this effort, most of whom have come and gone, some remaining, but ALL have one thing in common.  

NO ONE who knows what is going on is allowed to speak.  Those who do speak, may not know the truth or all of the facts.  No one who is speaking can be consistently relied on to impart accurate information all of the time.  When a mis-truth or non-fact is entered into the intelligence stream, it goes out and then must be tested, either accepted or rejected, or SIMPLY NOT ACTED UPON OR BELIEVED NOR DIS-BELIEVED, one way or another.  That is pretty much where I have come in all of this.  After listening to storylines, intelligence ‘leaks’, fact statements, opinions and conclusions for so many years, only a minute portion of what has been ‘exchanged’ or offered for our acceptance, has ever been ‘worth’ anything.   Casper’s most recent statements are right on target, and should be of concern to everyone who has gotten caught up in the ‘work’ of global paradigm change at any level.  Even if one’s only obvious relationship to the imminent banking changes is to serve the process as a “beneficiary” of some ‘distribution’ or other of ‘beneficial interest’, expressed in terms of ‘new money’ to be ‘downloaded’ into the new or established channels of the  emerging System, one is integrally and inherently a part of it.  Those who are the major powers and controllers behind the scene are those who also control the ‘intelligence’ flows, some of which is intentionally ‘leaked’ and which may be relied upon as accurate, while some may be unintentionally or without authorization ‘leaked’. 

MY CONCLUSION:  IF something ‘leaks’ without authorization, although accurate at the time, it causes a counter-effect to occur by the simple fact that it was not intended to be ‘out’ in the first place.  By being ‘outed’ prematurely if at all, those who are working behind the scene to deconstruct the old system for ‘seamless” reconstruction into a new system, likely have to go back into that which has already been done.  They have to ‘reset’, ‘recalibrate’, and in some cases use backups or ‘contingencies’ less desired to accomplish the thing that need be done. Everything at that level is procedural, and may run in ‘parallel’ and/or in ‘series’, just like any energy system.  Everything must be ‘routed’ and ‘ordered’ properly to run as designed, and anything out of order on the event and procedural ‘clock’ is ‘out of timing’.  This is like your car’s engine running ‘out of time’, or a “12 cylinder” engine running too lien or too ‘rich’, or having ‘poor timing’ and running ‘rough’ or ‘inefficiently’.  It is a waste of energy to run it at all under such conditions.  Reaching the ‘target’ or ‘objective’ may become a process of ‘one step forward, two steps back’, especially if leaked intelligence is [mis]used to cause the new system to misfire, in which case it never leads to or achieves the purported ‘end game’ or allegedly desired ‘outcome’.  “Outcomes” are what we are concerned with, and what POWER is concerned with.  Thing is, our idea of ‘outcome’ is one that has been developed over the past years and has been spoon fed to us.  It may not be the same or real idea that the real POWERS behind Basel II and other alleged major changes in POWER have in mind for them and for us.  Some of those POWERS are apparently not in “accord” or agreement that their POWER shall be diminished in any manner despite the banking changes.  They presume and intend that that their POWER and CONTROL should only be enhanced by these banking changes, and so we may reasonably assume that ‘they’ are already on the ‘other side’ of the changes.  All ‘players’ and “insiders’, including the former Fed Res Bank owners and persons of the CARTEL, or OLIGARCHY, no matter whether ‘capitalistic’, ‘socialistic’, ‘communistic’, etc., including the current ones, are likely playing both sides of the fence.  It’s like having two feet on either side of a line, or being in two worlds at the same time.  One being on the side of the downhill of the ‘dollar slide of the FRB and the FRN, and the other being on the side of what is gaining in ‘value’, gaining in prominence, influence, POWER, and which is most likely MORE SUSCEPTIBLE TO CONTROL, ‘ACQUISITION’, ‘TAKEOVER’, ‘ASSIMILATION’.  They have all ‘re-up’d’ or ‘re-invested’ in the ‘new money’ System  and the jurisdictions, or ‘zones’, currencies, etc. which will likely ‘emerge’ as having gained in value.    A change in monetary and banking policy and international accounting rules does not necessitate or proscribe a “changing of the guard” that we have all been indoctrinated to perceive or believe to be “what it is all about”.   Disinformation is one of the ways that POWER works on planet Earth, and it is usually more effective when it is ‘sprinkled’ or ‘salted’ with information that is already accepted as ‘real’, even if it is not.    It is like ‘salting’ a mine with material that does not originate at the site of the mine, but which is brought in and ‘salted’ around at the existing site to give a false impression of the mineral value and commercial viability of what is in the ground at that location.  

SOMEONE IS SALTING THE FERTILE GROUND OF OUR HEARTS AND MINDS, OUR IMAGNINATION, OUR HOPES, WISHES, AND DREAMS, OUR DESIRES, AND OUR IGNORANCE of how power works and is at work presently behind these more superficial representational events.  Casper has touched on this and pointed to the possibility that nothing we have heard from his sources or any other source may be relied upon at this point.  Maybe ever. 

One reason may be is that, actual seemingly  bona fide information which is leaked can or may  be relied upon by anyone, including those who seek to gain or create a benefit on its basis in the short and long-terms.  A ‘benefit’ to you and me is one thing,  but a ‘benefit’ to the POWERS OR FACTIONS THAT BE means something completely beyond our comprehension.  Fact-informants are always subject to compromise, innuendo, and double-speak, even when they are not aware that they are spewing mis/dis.  Casper’s folks, Poof’s folks, Gordon’s folks may or may not be “reliable in fact”, because they are likely not the ones who are in CONTROL of anything.  That is one primary reason why nothing that has come ‘down and through’ has really panned out to-date.  It is one ‘stress factor’ that has sent numerous men and women to ill-health or an early grave.  The mis/dis or unintended or undesired ‘stuff’ which is always going on has caused the entire venue of ‘intelligence’ to be un and non-reliable.  Such disseminators have been recipients of information from others who are deemed reliable by virtue of first hand knowledge and direct contact or experience with a given situation or circumstance.  And, even then, information deemed accurate at any point in time may not ‘hold’.  The further removed anyone is from the ‘fountain’,  the ‘actual’ or ‘real’ event, thing, idea, decision, or transaction, or the inception or ‘conception’ ‘moment’, the more susceptible they and everyone after them are to directed smoke and mirrors mis/dis.  Yes, it is agreed that in the game of POWER, mis/dis and ‘counter-intelligence’ is always at work, and is always working for a hidden POWER to create a needed benefit, gain, or advantage.  It may be perceptible to others, or it may not.  In the instant moment, I would say our perception is stunted and tainted by design and intent.  I can not further evaluate anything on the basis of mis/dis.  It is a waste of time and energy.

We are not intelligence operatives, but we can rely on our own instincts, spiritual insight, innate and inherent faculties of discernment and discrimination to “in form” us.   Basel II is a ‘front’ for something else going on, deeper down the rabbit hole.  What has been leaked to us can only be deemed ‘innuendo’.  It appears that it is leaked to the BIG DOG INSIDERS, but they deal direct, not with innuendo, folks.  The INSIDERS ‘make’ markets’ and then play in them.  They are rarely ever behind the curve or behind anyone’s “8 ball”.  They always play everything and everyone to optimal advantage and ‘position’ and ‘timing’ are critical to everything.  Their real intent and real moves are never the ones seen out front or telegraphed to create an advantage to anyone unless they have a greater advantage from doing so.   This is a  BIG BOARD game.  If we receive information of any nature, we decide to accept or not.  Who or what’s to blame, IF blame is even a factor, if the information trickled down is time and again inaccurate or to be discredited?  IT is a factor of who leaked it and their intended purpose?  Is it a factor of who received it and what we chose to ‘believe’?  Is it both?  Is there a nexus?  Is the nexus relied upon by those who caused the ‘leak’ in the first place, which would mean it is not a leak at all, but ‘mis/dis’ information.  And, there is no way you or I can qualify one thing received today and another received tomorrow. 

IT IS TIME TO LET GO OF ALL OF THIS and RETURN TO YOUR SELF, WHAT IS REAL, AND TAKE ATTENTION OUT OF ALL OF THIS INNUENDO.  We need to accept and deal with ‘what is’, and cease trying to figure it all out as it may appear to be manifesting in any particular way.  One way or another, we are going to have to deal with the “ISNESS” of ‘what is’, whether it is to our benefit or not.  I have already come to certain conclusions about all of this, which I will not go into, because it is not my place to do so.  I will act, not on my conclusions only, because even they must be let go.  I am having to release and surrender everything that I thought I knew about what is going on, or what has gone on in the past.  It is the only thing that makes any ‘sense’ right now, because to not do so, leaves one in a constant ‘mis/dis’ state of mind and emotion about virtually everything going on.  All one need do is review the articles posted on Fourwinds on any day, and one can come to no other conclusion:  Release, surrender, and  rely only on the Creator-Source and Mystery to move your life.   It goes moment to moment.  If information comes along that says this or that, you have a choice as to how to deal with it if it comes from ‘without’.  I am going back ‘inside my wigwam’, and I will peep out on occasion to see what those who create power structures for our enjoyment are doing with the world ‘around me’.  I am going into strict alignment with Creator-Creation, and I will rely on THAT WHICH IS to inform my awareness, and to move me in ways that are in accord with God’s purpose for me.  Perhaps I was never intended to be a recipient of anything like Program funds.  Perhaps I am.  Time will tell, but in the mean ‘time’, I am not staying on this treadmill one minute longer than to finish this sentence and hit ‘send’.  Casper seems to be addressing the same thing, but in his/her own way.  This phenomenon has been going on for years and years.  We are now ‘in the tunnel’ going into unchartered international water as far as the global economy is concerned.  The ice flows are melting on the two opposite poles of the Earth.  The engineers of Basel II are not known to me, and themselves are likely only engineering for POWER behind them.  ‘Who’, ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘when’?  I do not know.  And, at this juncture, it is in my best interest and health to cease giving it too much further attention and redirect toward life’s simple requirements and prepare for what is to come. 

One thing is certain, and Casper has hit it on the head….. the information flow is not reliable or consistent.  It is consistently inconsistent, and that has been the pattern over many years.   We are somewhere in a fog bank, seemingly have a broken rudder, are not sure who or what is ‘on board’, who is really driving the boat and how far our desired destination is.  LOL……Except, we do know SOMETHING BIG IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. I’d say, it’s time to let go and ‘allow’ it to just happen.  Whatever is happening is not just happening in 3D.  The Unified Field Organizers are here, and so are we.   Stay present, stay tuned, and do not retreat from the Unknown or that which is Unknowable.   If unfolding events at this level are not synch’d to other levels, IT is likely not going to happen until it is.

I suggest we all take a break and allow the process to reveal itself.   Prayer and meditation are about the best thing we can do at present to come into harmony with what IS.  Let the Cartels and the emerging Oligarchy do what they are purposed to do.  And we must do what we are purposed to do in their midst.  We are the BUILDERS and the RE-BUILDERS.  So Be It.  So It Is.