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Comments: Jan. 19, 2007 "Going to Zero Point Within_Reboot (Updated Feb. 3, 2008)


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I have reviewed no new information or heard no new information upon which to comment other than the second Casper Update of Jan 18. As I have no inside or higher order of informants upon which to rely, I cannot address the status of pending issues by any reliable facts.  However, based upon the veracity of what Casper has posted, if taken at face, one can conclude nothing other than what he/she has posted.  The WAR is still on-going between factions, and there may need be a change in the means and methods of Basel II compliance.  Such compliance and implementation, however, is not the only significant element of global re-balancing.   It is most significant if even the most base level of the much needed and desired change for re-stabilization and re-balance is to come into the affairs of mankind.  

I will tell a short story to ‘tweek’ a point: 

In Nov I attended a private invitation-only international investment conference in Ecuador.  We took a trip to the Equator on our way to the seminar site and spent an hour or so with the group playing on the Equator.  This is the exact Equatorial line that has been scientifically determined  to exist at a certain location and which ‘line’ runs, just like a ‘lay line’ or a ‘rose line’ [Da Vincci Code terminology].  At the Equator Musuem site, there is a big sign which says:  “00 00 00 Latitude”.  There is NO spin field at this line.  No clockwise or counter-clockwise rotating spin field and the geo-mantic magnetics are much lower.  So, we played with the group and a special Equator guide on this line.  We balanced an egg on the head of a nail and it did not fall off.  We tried walking on the line, much like one does if unfortunate enough to be taking a sobriety test before an armed military ‘police” officer, but could not walk coherently on the line.  We tried “walking the line” blindfolded and not one person could stay on the line.  We were pulled either ‘north’ or ‘south’ of the line based upon our ‘tendency’, predisposition, or ‘affinity’ [attraction] to clockwise or counter-clockwise electro-magnetic field energies.    We ran three ‘water tests’ at the Equator with a laundry tub and a 5 gal. bucket of water beneath the drain to prove that the unseen force field instantly north and south of the “0 Point”  was discernible, but not by any obvious “means”.  By moving the tub filled with water just 12 inches north or south of the “Zero Point”, allowing the water to drain in the bucket, the rotating spin fields were perfectly discernible and OPPOSITE.  When we did the third test directly over the Zero Point of the Equator at 00 00 00’ Latitude, the water ran straight down the drain pipe with no spin.  It just dropped through the drain opening by sheer force of ‘mass’ weight and gravity with no motion in either direction north or south.

Finally, we sat directly on the Equator and meditated for fifteen minutes.  Not everybody, but those of us who wanted to take the unique opportunity to connect more deeply with the Earth and the Cosmos from that specific locale.  It is THE balance point energetically for the entire planet and it has a most mysterious and unique relationship to the north and south ‘poles’ and the ‘bio-magnetic’ field of the entire planet.  You can feel the entire planet from Zero Point; you can feel the entirety of your Self in all your aspects as being integrally, harmoniously, dependent on the Earth’s bio-energetic field.  You can feel the Earth Pulse or Schumann Resonance by ‘going quiet’ and ‘being in Peace’ with all things and all beings.  You can feel the Earth’s connection, energetically and in Consciousness to the Solar System and to the Center of the Galaxy, or the “Central Sun”, which the Star Nations and the indigenous People of Earth all honor and retain in their collective memories.  It was ‘awe_some’, because it is a Mystery.  All of it.   And, each one of us is in Mystery every day of our lives, and we forget IT. 

After meditation on ‘the line’, we experienced an immediate major change in our bodily sense of ‘balance’, energetics, and our Consciousness, right down to our DNA.  I cannot explain it away, but I can give a metaphor.  It was like being ‘rebooted’.  You know, when you load a new program and have to turn off your computer and ‘restart’ for it to take hold in the CPU, otherwise the old program keeps right on running.  We REBOOTED in November, and our lives have not been the same since.  The body rebooted at a cellular level, and the harmonics of our DNA were ‘re-set’.  Our mental and emotional bodies were re-booted as well. Our Consciousness was harmonized and ‘grounded’ as well as expanded and harmonized within the grounding, so that ‘as above, so below’ was more clearly the case.  We had no microwaves around us for ten days to speak of, and no chemtrails.  We ate fresh organic food and drank pure raw juices and water daily.  And, we came back only to settle our affairs here and make preparations to RETURN to 00 00 00’ Latitude.  And, hear we are, right smack back in the middle of the WAR ZONE at it again.

My Point:  We must come to Zero Point within ourselves in all of this.  We must be at CENTER, our Zero Point, within our navel [ground], our Heart-Mind [feeling-breath-Consciousnes], especially when dealing with these most significant and dangerous issues  We need to be HERE and THERE at the same time, moment-to-moment.  We must be willing to let it all go and deal with ‘WHAT IS” moment-to-moment.  We are not in control of anything.  The Burning Bushes and their garden-variety Mushrooms, who live in dark smelly places,  are not in control either.  So, go to Zero Point within, ground out the negativity, the stress and distress, the compulsion of attention to be concerned, and let whatever is to happen, happen.   Breathe in the good stuff and breathe out the bad stuff, and while doing it, visualize your Heart’s desire and feel WHAT IT IS that you most desire and need, and SEE IT DONE.  We are not moot in all of this because we are not all-powerful bankers, politicians, judges, admirals and generals.  WE ARE POWERFUL, because we are in and of God’s Creation AND we are God’s Children and People of the Light.   There is always another Moment in the Play, and the Play has not yet begun.  We’ve just been warming up… to speak.  The best part is yet to come.  Lol  REBOOT and REBOOT AGAIN, every day.  That’s all I can do with this ‘stuff’.  Depend on Creator-Source to carry the load and to open the way, and not on the machinations of any situation, or the missives of any ‘person’ outside ones Self.  We cannot know or presume to know WHAT IS GOING ON, but we must know in our Hearts that things CANNOT REMAIN STATUS QUO nor continue to come under the impending Shadow of Darkness that has been allowed on this tiny gem of a planet for as long as it has been harmonious with Creation’s unfolding Design.  Our feeling-awareness and intention of attention is what we can ‘add’ or contribute to the mix right now.  That is why I’ve decided to write and post some things in an effort to shed light on what others may not yet be aware of.  And, you can do the same, even if you post nothing.

I have no way of verifying any fact or event statement of anyone…..not CHRISTOPHER STORY, nor Poof, nor Casper, nor Patrick and friends.  Everyone has their sources and network for information of some magnitude or order.  CHRISTOPHER and others who run with the big dogs are in a track that defies imagination.  Their sources are tapped into the BIG PICTURE.  I have no sources, really, but because I have studied and learned, tested or challenged the System in my own life, to my own benefit or detriment, I have some information that may be useful to others   I can more easily comment to some degree on what appears to be going on and how/why things seem to be the way they are, because I have been staring into the ‘eyes of the demon’ and studying its construction for long enough to have understood something about it’s dualistic nature, its parts,  and how it operates in the world around us.

More later.



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Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2008 1:42 PM

Subject: S comments about the Equator Patrick

This information is in response to a post from "S" on January 19th, quoted below.

According to the article located at this URL, our solar system will transit the Milky Way's equator on 12/21/2012 as an independent solar system. The Veda have taught for thousands of years about the cycles of history, but this information suggests that what is about to happen has never happened before. On prior trips our solar system was within the gravitational nest of the galaxy of its origination, but this time we are alone, and poised to become part of the Milky Way instead of the Sagittarius D galaxy.

It has never occurred before in human history.

This is important information for many to see and hear. Ascension is real and will occur when the frequency that exists at the center of every strand of DNA becomes so strong that it engulfs the entire being. This will be good for those who are prepared, but the unprepared may be unable to cope with the internal changes. Healthy DNA and psycho-spiritual integration will be very helpful.

Your readers should consider what S has said and read the article and then use their discernment to find useful insights.

And thanks for your work on the web site, it is a treasury of information for us all.

Thank you