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Comments On: "Financial Meltdown: The End of a 300 Year Ponzi Scheme"


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 Dear Fourwinds Group:

I just reviewed the Fourwinds article posted Jan 16, “FINANCIAL MELTDOWN: THE END OF A 300 YEAR PONZI SCHEME”, and highly recommend everyone read it.  The author is well studied, astute, and much more capable of writing about the complex issues of how the fractional reserve banking system has worked within the UNITED STATES and abroad than am I.  I am not a writer, but a research and analysis ‘down under the crust’ type.  So, please take the time to review it and visit her site at:

Also, I suggest going to her blog and read what is posted there.  One more recent excerpt pertains to the subject matter issues of what I have been touching on in my last few posted ‘COMMENTS’ that go into the nature of the “UNITED STATES” and the distinction between IT and  the united States of America republic.

My concern, although not completely elaborated in my COMMENTS is precisely the same as the comment posted to her blog as follows:

I confess I’m pretty skeptical of gold/silver standards; what’s to stop foreign creditors from simply sucking out all the specie?  If the Saudis, Chinese, and Japanese could exchange their declining US dollars for gold and silver bullion, wouldn’t they do that in an instant?”   — Syzygy

I am more a skeptic of how POWER works on face than most, have a tendency to over-analyze things, and for that I ask forgiveness if my COMMENTS have seemed tedious, irrelevant, or out of context.  But, the comment posted above is exactly what I am pointing to as well, except that I perceived a real move by the powers to effect not only a conversion or a ‘sucking out’ of all ‘specie’ by exchanging their worthless FRN’s.  I perceived them doing that, while gaining control of the very U.S. corporate banks which we hypothetically would be induced or compelled to deal with if there were no ANNOUNCEMENT of a REFORMED CONSTITUTIONAL MONETARY AND POLITICAL-LEGAL SYSTEM.  And, it is further compounded by the certainty, that if there is no status change all the way around, everyone who receives anything will only be further taxed on it, while acting as a fiduciary executor and proxy-agent, having Power of Attorney for the actual U.S. DEPOSITOR.  That is who’s NAME appears on any bank account of record, which is one/same as the UNITED STATES, by virtue of undisclosed adhesion contracts with the FEDERAL CORPORATION via the Birth Registration and SS-5 Form Application for Social Security Benefits. 

As the “compelled Social Security fiduciary”, you and I as the ‘real’ private lawful man/woman, can only participate in this commercial venture as an agent acting for their FRANCHISE TRUST, which NAME appears on all matters of Account and Record and which is linked to the Social Security Account No..   The signature-Bond of the real man is what drives everything, but it is ‘for’ the PERSON which name and Account the signature-Bond is affixed to. Hence, deposit of ‘specie’ into any one of these U.S. banks prior to new ‘law’ taking effect, is equivalent to acting for the benefit of the “public trust’ by charitable contribution, even though by ‘contract’.  It’s unbelievable and hard to ‘grok’, but the actual DEPOSITOR has no real ‘ownership’ property rights whatsoever.  The hypothetical property conveyed at the time of deposit is the ‘prize’  and ‘booty’ ‘target’ of those presently in power.  Ultimately, it is ‘they’ who would have overt or covert authority, assert ‘rights, title, interest’ in what is placed or delivered into any of these U.S. sub-corp banks.  Before the ink is even dry, under the current regime of ‘law’, the UNITED STATES, acting through it’s TREASURY DEPARTMENT and it’s sub-corporate instrumentalities or commercial bank corporations, have already taken possession and legal title to the property deposited.  This has been the way it “IS” since 1933, but we never knew it.  And, it is all about DEBT COLLECTION-DEBT CREATION, suretyship,  DEBT PERPETUITY, and DEBTOR(S) IN POSSESSION [OF SOME OTHER PARTY’S PROPERTY] .

The blog goes into a subject that most of you will not understand, but which is very well explained as one real solution to the above ‘what if’.  This is the subject of ‘Real Bills Doctrine’.  Please review.

My concern was and remains, that if there is no intervention announced, with a high degree of “verifiable certainty” [a judicial standard], all of the ‘what if’s’ remain present, and any one making their deposit into a U.S. bank may end up with “a fist full of dollars”, and they may not be the type of “dollars” one really wants.   In re: to foreign creditors coming into the U.S. meltdown, taking up equity investment positions and gaining equity ‘controlling interest’ in U.S. banks, as well as in re: the current regime of ‘law’ under the de facto ‘democracy’ and the US Treasury-Federal Reserve Bank complex, if one deposits specie ‘money’ in one of these banks, bank policy alone can take precedence over the ‘depositor’s rights’, because the DEPOSITOR would only have a right of claim against the bank in an adversarial proceeding in  court.  What have depositors gotten in the way of ‘relief’ under claims filed with FDIC?  It is outrageous!  Cents on the dollar.  No thanks!  Cause under the current regime of law, FDIC is the UNITED STATES as a GSE, ‘government sponsored enterprise’ and it alleges to insure bank deposits up to certain limits per account.  Yes, indeed.  And, depositors always suck wind when ‘relief’ on claims is considered, and those who had access to depositor funds are living in Switzerland or Ireland for ‘non-extradition’, get Presidential ‘Pardons’, or go into politics in the UNITED STATES to ‘serve the public’ some more.

WE NEED THE REFORMATION MORE THAN WE NEED ‘MONEY’.  THE MONEY IS SECONDARY TO OUR DIVINELY GIVEN LIBERTY RIGHTS.  But, we cannot have one without the other, because the one is inherent to the other and vica versa.  The Republic cannot exist without substance of the People; and the People have an unalienable Right to a constant ‘value’ money standard based on substance of some nature, in order to ‘pay’ their debts at law, which retires the obligation instantly, as distinct from a mere ‘discharge’ of obligation which does not effect the underlying ‘debt’ whatsoever.  Whoever dreamed this system up is an absolute genius.  It could not have been done with greater perfection.  The Dark Masters have served us well.  Now, it is time for them to be gone from our lives.  So It Shall Be.  So It Is.