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Poof Report: Nov. 11, 2007

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Album: Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Year: 1970

Title: She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

She came in through the bathroom window

Protected by a silver spoon

But now she sucks her thumb and wanders

By the banks of her own lagoon

Didn't anybody tell her?

Didn't anybody see?

Sunday's on the phone to Monday,

Tuesday's on the phone to me

She said she'd always been a dancer

She worked at 15 clubs a day

And though she thought I knew the answer

Well I knew what I could not say.

And so I quit the police department

And got myself a steady job

And though she tried her best to help me

She could steal but she could not rob

Didn't anybody tell her?

Didn't anybody see?

Sunday's on the phone to Monday,

Tuesday's on the phone to me

Oh yeah.

Greetings and Salutations;

Don't think for a moment, I didn't catch all the wild emails flying out with info in them that was 3 weeks old. All that stuff at the french bank, the arrests, the trustee, etc, etc, etc. I just want to say, just one more time, wanta is not alone, he has friends he's known for years, and since my network depends on friends, I have an entirely different viewpoint, than someone who's a bit removed from the subject matter. I just learned to keep my mouth shut, as some things need to remain secret, until it's time. I would interject that, citi depends on it's foreign branches to survive. It would take nothing for certain countries to simply shut down those branches in their countries if citi was the problem...think about it.

My info is very current and just because I'm not out rattling your cages every five minutes, scaring the bejeezus out of you, making you think, you're all going to hell in a handbasket, doesn't mean I'm not paying attention or don't know the reality. I don't like the 'procedures' anymore than you do, but I remind you, this was always suppose to be running under the public awareness level, which is what messed with my head upon returning to this country discovering all these update lines. One day someone will tell me for sure, but my gut feeling was it was the europeans, who had ch removed, since he just couldn't keep his mouth shut. There are just way too many 'official' folks involved, as lenders, and who were not principals. Contrary to what gets presented out here, american officials don't go over to europe and Make them Do Anything.

It would be wise to think of taking care of your own business first, in regards to your reception. We can't help anyone, unless we first have our own things taking care of. We are all well aware of the state of the american union at this point, regardless of media hype of this just being a small 'readjustment' in the markets. The problems is, some of these folks actually believe their own rhetoric. Not even Bernake can comfort anyone now. No sooner than greenspan said he didn't 'see' the euro improving anymore against the dollar, it shot up another 2 cents. He needs to shut up too. This should have been in your hands when the euro hit 1.41, but somebody thought if they stretched it out just abit longer, things would change. All I have to say is, that's what you get for thinking....or as they used to say in my neck of the woods, 'study long, study wrong'. Now we're looking at a 1.50 euro. The word being used out here is 'recession', when it should be 'depression' but that's

too scary. Too bad Ron Paul didn't win in 84. I guess I was too early in my support and america wasn't ready to deal with reality. The world thinks, Ron Paul and Obama would make the best ticket for straightening all this mess up...oh what do they know, right? Don't be surpised, they know our business better than we do, they are outside the bubble.

Be ready to grab it and run. This is no joke and I'm Not going to tell you anything has changed from what I've been telling you since 2000. Matter of fact, this is so, in everyone's face now, I wouldn't trust a thing that says, we'll be dancing in the streets, in a moment, as all the bad guys suddenly get up and walk away. Yet, if you trust your own instincts, when the packy arrives, you'll follow that and full victory will be yours. My thing is, individual empowerment, and I want each and everyone of you to 'own your own futures' and Not, screw up and blame listening to someone else as the reason, why things didn't work out for you. The protocol remains, when you get the pack at your door, you can immediately access your funds. You can either do that here or access in europe, but you can not access in both locations. In other words, you can't have your cake and eat it, too. I'll will not be reminding you again. This is break point. If you think 'poofy' doesn't know what

he's talking about, have at it, and see how that works out for you. I can give no advice once you've committed. As one of the managers said to me, you get one shot, there will be no 'do overs'. In case you missed it, the time is NOW.

Ok, that's about alI I can say in a public forum. Consultations remain available until the moment of my own reception. Donations are needed to keep this computer running and the communication flowing, as the bulk of all info now is coming from europe, since the us side has been greatly fenced out at this time, for security reasons. You may use or email this address for a land address.

Also I'd like you to know that there are some folks who are already have a foundation up and are constructing a contact point for all of us who wish to be involved in the cutting edge tech of the future, the immediate future. They are bit ahead of me but they aren't constrained by conditions in america.

Love and Kisses,