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ALFRED SCHAEFER LETTER (From a German prison where he is incarcerated for

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Greetings Chuck: Chuck Maultsby


Thank you very much for your card which arrived in my cell on 11 April 2019.


We certainly are living in interesting times. Not only interesting, but fantastic! Humanity is healing from the disease, the cancer of the parasite Jew.


Everything we observe happening now is nothing more than what we observe everywhere when an organism begins healing. It is all so natural and predictable and maybe even necessary for us to appreciate our own true value. There is no upgrade if you are white. "The best of the goyim deserve to be exterminated." The Jew even proclaims this in his recursive formula to exterminate all of humanity.


Understanding this brings meaning and content to our lives. We are not here to debate which of the 6,000,000 genders we may be, but to ensure our survival. It becomes obvious, even to those with IQ of 65, that it is infinitely better to exterminate each and every Jew on this planet than to sit on our hands as we are exterminated.


The other races will respect and love us again after we deal with the disease. The other races expect no less from us, the White Race, than to stop crawling on our bellies parroting some nonsense about the sick Jewish fantasy hollow cost, get on our feet and and do what every healthy organism on earth does. Deal with the disease.


The first phase in any healing process is always the same; understanding and identifying the problem.


Digital technology comes from OUR creative genius. Not the Negoes, not the parasite Jews, not the Asians, not the Indians, but 100% White European Creative Genius. Unfortunately we also evolved with an extreme sense of altruism and trust, pathological altruism which the psychopathic parasite Jew took full advantage of to cull us down to the point where this disease (Jews) thinks it can now give us the final death blow with all the turd world misfits, wave after wave of substandard carriers injected into every and all of our population centers. These degenerate gene carriers are fed and protected by infrastructure we built. Our defenses have been neutralized over a transgenerational period of time to the point where we have been "marinated" or "pre-digested" for the feeding frenzy we now see unfolding.


"The goyim will become agents of their own destruction."


After the Jews ate their way through the area that became the Soviet Union, the average IQ of the Russian population went down, by culling, by about 5 points. Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote some interesting books describing this culling process. Now the Jews think they have the White Race culled and demoralized to the point where the next big culling operation can begin.


If we fail, civilization will go down, and with it, the parasite as well.


But we will not fail. We are winning big time, and we are only getting warmed up. The Jew has totally miscalculated and now comes the retribution. I know if I was a Jew I'd be out today with my white flag asking for mercy and forgiveness because as the backstabbing, and all the rest comes out, it will leave zero mercy for the Jew when they come out with their white flags.


Do you know how the Jews, when they ruled as Communists, moved large numbers of people quickly from point A to point B? They would simply announce: "OK folks, we want you to move from A to B and the last 50 will be shot." With those simple instructions the people voluntarily moved very fast. The same methodology is now coming back to haunt the Jew. What did G.W. Bush say when the Jews got him to invade Afghanistan to enable the historic opium trade again under the pretext of hunting down the so called Taliban?... "We will smoke them out of their holes. They cannot hide. We will hunt them down."


There are good times and bad times to be a Jew. The 10th of September was a good time to be a Jew if you worked in New York City at the WTC. They got a little message not to go to work the next day (Odigo Communications text message). You can imagine the pure joy that these Jews felt the next day as their American colleagues all died and they lived. The Five Dancing Israelis couldn't even contain their joy and celebrated as the Americans were dying.


2019 is, on the other hand, a bad time to be a Jew. The Jews can now expect the same treatment that a child abuser can expect when the entire neighborhood learns that he has been raping everyone's five year old girls and is now lying and lying about it while at the same time demanding compensation from everyone because his penis is so sore from all the "work".


A normal health population slays the abuser before the day is over. Everyone cheers and is relieved when the Jew (child abuser) is finally dead.


Do you know why the Talmud not only permits but encourages the rabbis to rape non-Jewish girls of three years old? Is it because it is fun? No, it can not be fun except for a very sick monster. Is it because it pleases the little three year old girl? No, because the rabbi is encouraged to then murder the three year old because the three year old is guilty of "seducing the poor poor rabbi."


The reason is very simple: to make any fraternization between parasite and host impossible. Jews do nothing without first consulting their rabbi. The rabbi knows that the Jews are the deathly enemies of the host population and as the Jews themselves have often stated: "If the goyim knew what we are doing we will all be killed on the same day."


Like you say Chuck, "there are legions of people world-wide who are working hard to enable the awakening." Yes indeed, people everywhere are demanding that the Jews be collected up like one would collect rats running around the house. Here in prison everyone with an IQ over about 45 is waking up. I am treated with respect and very well. Monika was like an icebreaker in Stadelheim prison and I sailed in on her channel water. She still had to deal with "Oh she's a Nazi and that is very bad." Now everyone boasts about how much they know and the rage is becoming explosive. This is the budding of the Searing White Rage that will fuel the healing process. Like healthy white blood cells have a searing hatred for the bacteria, we will easily do what it takes to become strong and healthy and happy again.


Those of us who are not able to comprehend that there are precisely two genders and that the hollow hoax is sick Jewish fantasy will also not survive the healing. Nobody will miss them. Where did all the invaders go? The parasites? The faggots?... Who cares as long as they are gone.


End of paper, over and out.

Alfred Schaefer

12 April 2019 

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