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Christopher Bollyn

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Nov. 22, 2015


THE FATHER OF TERRORISM - Menachem Begin, the terrorist founder of Israel's ruling Likud party, bragged about being "the father of terrorism in all the world." The Likud party is now headed by Benjamin Netanyahu.

“How does it feel, in the light of all that’s going on, to be the father of terrorism in the Middle East?”

“In the Middle East?” he [Begin] bellowed, in his thick, cartoon accent. “In all the world!”

- Russell Warren Howe interview with Menachem Begin, January 1974

The "War on Terror" is a Zionist fraud based on lies, deception, and illusion.

He [Pinhas Lavon] inspired and cultivated the negative adventuristic trend in the army and preached the doctrine that not the Arab countries but the Western Powers are the enemy, and the only way to deter them from their plots is through direct actions that will terrorize them.

- Israeli prime minister Moshe Sharett in 1955 writing about Pinhas Lavon, defense minister during the “Lavon Affair,” an Israeli false-flag terrorist bombing campaign against U.S. and British agencies in Egypt, July 1954.


"Peres shares the same ideology [as Lavon]:  he wants to frighten the West into supporting Israel’s aims.”

- Israeli prime minister Moshe Sharett writing about Shimon Peres, 1955

The “War on Terror” is a massive fraud based on deception and illusion. As long as Western governments and societies allow themselves to be deceived about the true nature of terrorism, the “War on Terror” and the threat it is meant to eradicate will only get worse.  For our political leaders and media to go along with false-flag deceptions and to flail away at phantoms is to ensure that the “War on Terror” will go on for a very long time.  The only way to liberate ourselves and our nations from this madness is to expose the true source of terrorism.

So, here we are, fourteen years after 9-11, having waged two wars of aggression in which millions of lives have been ruined, having endured the imposition of draconian “anti-terrorism” legislation, and having wasted trillions in the “War on Terror” – and still there is no end in sight.  

In spite of all this effort and money spent, the threat of global terrorism seems to gaining strength every day, as we can see from the recent downing of the Russian plane in the Sinai and the attacks in Paris. Clearly, we must be doing something wrong.

The "War on Terror" is like the "Wac-a-Terrorist" game in which Western nations pound Middle Eastern nations in response to acts of terrorism. The United States invaded Afghanistan and Iraq based on false claims that they were involved in the terrorism of 9-11. (Cartoon by Peter Brookes)

It should be obvious to anyone who thinks about terrorism and the global “War on Terror” that we have utterly failed to understand and address the root causes of terrorism.  This is true whether we are talking about false-flag terrorism, such as 9-11, or real ‘terrorism’, such as what we see when Palestinians take up arms against the Israeli occupation.

In the latter case, our leaders and the so-called “international community” have completely failed to address the grievous injustices suffered by the Palestinians living under Israeli occupation since 1948.

The day after the recent attacks in Paris, Margot Wallstrom, the Swedish foreign minister, appeared on Swedish TV and explained how the Israeli occupation was at the root of Palestinian violence, saying, “… you come back to situations like that in the Middle East where not least the Palestinians see that there isn't any future (for them). (The Palestinians) either have to accept a desperate situation or resort to violence."

SWEDEN'S MARGOT WALLSTROM - "...the Palestinians see that there isn't any future (for them). (The Palestinians) either have to accept a desperate situation or resort to violence."

Unfortunately, there are few politicians in the Western world who are willing to articulate such common-sense truths, and even fewer who are willing to do something about it.  Because the global community has failed to put pressure on Israel, the Zionist occupation has grown and intensified creating an unjust situation that produces violence, as it will until an equitable solution is found.

As for false-flag terrorism, such as 9-11 and other atrocities, there is an appalling lack of moral courage on the part of world leaders to stand up and say that we have been deceived about what happened on 9-11. The failure on the part of our political, religious, and academic leaders to challenge the false narrative of 9-11 has enabled the fraudulent “War on Terror” to go on, at great expense to our nations and societies.

PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF OF A FRAUD - This photo of the east corner of the South Tower clearly shows what appears to be a thermite reaction occurring between the 80th and 81st floors about 7 minutes before it collapsed. Note the white smoke being produced by the reaction. This is aluminum oxide, one of the products of a thermite reaction. The others are extreme heat (about 2,500 C.) and molten iron (in the case of iron oxide being the oxidizer.)

MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MOLTEN IRON - The thermite reaction seen one minute earlier produced a massive cascade of molten metal, presumably iron, that flowed until the building was demolished. These photographs are evidence that the government blatantly lied about what really happened to the Twin Towers. The NIST engineers who supposedly investigated the causes of the collapse lied to the public saying they were unaware of the presence of molten metal in the debris. (For more on the NIST 9-11 Cover-up, read the two articles in the sources at the end of this article.)

Rather than demanding an investigation of 9-11 and working from what the evidence proved, our leaders allowed themselves to be deceived into war based on false media reports and lies from government officials.  The fact that the ‘crime of the century’ was not even investigated as a crime does not seem to disturb the political and media elites in the United States. A false narrative was prepared ahead of time, as were military assets, and the war in Afghanistan began before the dust had even settled at the World Trade Center.  The French military response after the recent attacks in Paris was even hastier, coming only two days later.

Today, fourteen years after 9-11, the terrorism that we are experiencing is beginning to look very much like that depicted in the Israeli-produced film, Brazil.  This film, produced in 1985 by Arnon Milchan, Israel’s super-agent in Hollywood, is set in a bleak society in the future where senseless acts of terrorism occur frequently as the government wages war against terrorists in some distant land.  Why did Milchan make this movie?  Where did he get these ideas from?

Arnon Milchan between his friend Shimon Peres (left) and Benjamin Netanyahu, the promoter of the "War on Terror" and current prime minister.

We need to understand that Arnon Milchan is not just another Mossad agent in Hollywood; he is at the very top of the Israeli state intelligence/criminal network.  In the Israeli-written biography, Confidential:  The Life Of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon (2011), it is revealed how Milchan was involved in espionage, big-ticket arms-dealing, and obtaining sensitive technology and materials for Israel's nuclear weapons program.

Interviewed regarding Milchan's intelligence activities, Israeli President Shimon Peres stated:

Arnon is a special man. It was I who recruited him… When I was at the Ministry of Defense, Arnon was involved in numerous defense-related procurement activities and intelligence operations. His strength is in making connections at the highest levels… His activities gave us a huge advantage, strategically, diplomatically and technologically.

The authors established that "at least through the mid-1980s [Milchan] was a full-fledged operative for Israel’s top-secret intelligence agency, Lakam. His activities included "buying components to build and maintain Israel’s nuclear arsenal" and supervising "government-backed accounts and front companies that financed the special needs of the entirety of Israel’s intelligence operations outside the country."

MOSSAD'S MAN IN HOLLYWOOD - Milchan "...was a full-fledged operative for Israel’s top-secret intelligence agency, Lakam" and was involved in criminal smuggling of components to build and maintain Israel’s illegal nuclear arsenal, yet he has never been arrested and charged.

Milchan clearly occupies a position at the very top of Israeli intelligence.  Although he was at the center of an operation that smuggled hundreds of triggers for nuclear bombs to Israel, he was never prosecuted, while the people beneath him were.

The terrorism in Milchan’s film Brazil made in the 1980s shows amazing prescience of our world today.  Milchan showed similar prescience of the events of 9-11 in his first film, The Medusa Touch (1978), in which a Boeing 747 crashes into a skyscraper.  Later, in 2000, a remotely-hijacked aircraft is flown into the World Trade Center in the pilot episode of “The Lone Gunmen,” a television series produced by Arnon Milchan’s close friend and business partner, Rupert Murdoch.

THE IDEATION OF 9-11 - Arnon Milchan's first film, The Medusa Touch (1978), featured a Boeing 747 crashing into a skyscraper. It seems that beginning in the late 1970s, senior Mossad agents began projecting the idea of attacking New York City's tallest towers with planes.

Arnon Milchan, the Mossad Mogul of Hollywood, didn't dream up these terror scenarios on his own.  These plots are based on what Milchan knew about the future plans of Israeli intelligence. He is, after all, a very close personal friend of Shimon Peres, the godfather and chief architect of Israel’s high-tech military and unlawful nuclear arsenal.

More to the point, Shimon Peres has always supported the use of terror to coerce the West to support Israel’s strategic goals. As Israel’s prime minister Moshe Sharett wrote about Shimon Peres in 1955:  “he wants to frighten the West into supporting Israel’s aims.”

As I prove in my Solving 9-11 books, the false-flag terrorism of 9-11 was an Israeli idea from the beginning, first articulated by a former head of the Mossad in the 1970s.  At the same time that Isser Harel was describing how Arab terrorists would attack the tallest towers in New York City, Benjamin Netanyahu was holding an international conference of Western leaders in Jerusalem (1979) to promote the global “War on Terror.” Both concepts are the products of Israeli strategic planners.

Today, Benjamin Netanyahu is the prime minister of Israel and his fraudulent “War on Terror” is in full swing.  Western nations, including France, who seek to overthrow the elected government of Syria, are lining up to bomb a besieged nation that is virtually defenseless.  The French military has now reacted to an unsolved act of terrorism by bombing Syria, as the United States bombed Afghanistan in October 2001 – without presenting any evidence to prove that the true source of the Paris attacks is from Syria.

The day after the attacks in Paris, French President François Hollande said, "An act of war was committed by a terrorist army, DAESH [ISIS], a jihadist army, against France… An act of war prepared, planned, from outside, with outside complicity which an investigation will establish."

This is almost identical to statements from U.S. leaders after 9-11 who took the nation to war saying that evidence to support their case would be presented in the near future.  In the fourteen years since the invasion of Afghanistan, however, we have not seen one piece of evidence linking the Taliban with the events of 9-11. Our government and media were willing partners in the criminal deception that took the U.S. military into Afghanistan. 

From the little we know about the terrorists in Paris, there is certainly not enough evidence to warrant a massive bombing campaign in Syria.  For all we know the terrorists could have been controlled by a non-Syrian agency who wants France to bomb Syria. Now that the French police have killed Abdel Hamid Abaaoud, the Moroccan-Belgian who is said to be the mastermind of the attacks, there will be less information available to find the true source of the terrorism.

We can’t accept that our leaders take our nations to war based merely on deceptions and illusions.  We will never end terrorism and the fraudulent “War on Terror” by lashing out at the terrorist Bogeyman and destroying nations in the process.  The only way to end the fraudulent “War on Terror” is by exposing who is really behind terrorism and ending the deception. 

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