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Blue Stain Denial

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May 3, 2015

A true denier is someone who refuses to accept the truth in spite of overwhelming evidence...That said, the real deniers with regard  to the holocaust are those who refuse to accept the significance of the blue staining , evident in the Auschwitz delousing chamber but totally absent in what are purported to be the homicidal gas chambers in which hundred of thousands of Jews  were allegedly gassed. That the Germans fumigated hundreds of thousands of garments in their delousing chambers  using the commercial fumigant , Zyclon B,is not couldn't be since the hydrogen cyanide contained in it , CONSISTENT WITH THE LAWS OF CHEMISTRY, bonded with the ferric oxide in the brickwork leaving  bright blue stains. So saturated were these bricks, that even today, more than seventy years after their last use , one can still see the staining, not only on the inside but also on the outside. But what of the homicidal gas chambers where it is alleged that this same fumigant was used , not to kill  vermin , but to murder Jews. Should they not display the same tell tale blue staining? Alas, there is no staining evident, therefore the only reasonable, and scientific explanation is that these buildings were not exposed to hydrogen cyanide and could not have been used to gas JEWS or anyone else. To  continue to insist that Jews were gassed in these buildings makes someone a , " blue stain denier ''.