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Globalists in the Netherlands are targeting farms to deliberately achieve GLOBAL FAMINE

Arsenio Toledo

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Globalists are deliberately engineering food shortages by threatening to shut down farms in the Netherlands under the guise of so-called climate change.

Ben Armstrong of the New American noted that the globalists are going after major food producers all over the world because they want to create a famine.

“Because this is what has been done in history, in the past – by communists and evil regimes – to take power,” said Armstrong during a recent episode of his program “The Ben Armstrong Show.”

“They need to do it globally. So, they want to create a global famine – and they’re starting to do so. There is famine in the world that is already happening,” he added. “They want a [global] food shortage, and they’re not stopping.” (Related: Western Europe on SUICIDE WATCH as food, energy collapse gets worse by the day… how many will starve or freeze this coming winter?)

Dutch farmers up in arms over government attempts to curtail food production

In the Netherlands, the Dutch parliament approved on June 28 a plan to drastically reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, especially in farming and animal husbandry.

Thousands of people hailing from the Netherlands’ agriculture sector took to the streets in protest against the climate proposal, which they believe would devastate the country’s vibrant agriculture sector. They blocked roads and highways and even held a protest outside the home of the country’s agriculture minister, a move which was immediately condemned by globalist Prime Minister Mark Rutte.


Keean Bexte, a journalist for the Counter Signal who went to the Netherlands to witness the protests, noted that the Dutch government’s climate plan was heavily backed by World Economic Forum Executive Director Klaus Schwab.

The Netherlands’ new climate plan is part of a bigger European Union agenda to get the entire 27-nation bloc to be placed under some of the toughest measures meant to combat so-called climate change despite fears among many member states that other more important matters – like rising inflation and fuel prices – need to take precedent over the continent’s environmental ambitions.

If Rutte and his government push through with the climate proposal, it could lead to major upheavals in the country’s multibillion-euro agricultural industry.

Dutch ministers have warned that if farms and other agribusinesses fail to comply with the new emissions regulations, the government would have the power to put them out of business.

On Tuesday, July 5, Dutch police resorted to shooting at protesting farmers. According to the police, they fired warning shots after they felt threatened by tractors driving down a highway near where police officers were lined up to meet the protesters. Nobody was hurt during the incident, but the police arrested several people.

The Dutch farmers said they posed no threat whatsoever to the officers. LTO, a Dutch farmers’ interest group, has called for an official investigation. ACP, the police union, has insisted the event was incidental and would not contribute to further escalation in tensions.

Just hours after the shooting incident occurred, local media reported that protests were continuing, as usual, proving that government attempts at intimidation have had little to no effect. In fact, protesters are now blocking critical infrastructure with their tractors, such as airports.

Agriculture is one of the country’s most vibrant industries. The Netherlands, despite being smaller than West Virginia, is the second largest exporter of agricultural goods in the world, right behind the United States. Regulations that would cripple the country’s agricultural sector would no doubt lead to food shortages all over the world.

Learn more about the attacks against food production at

Watch this episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show” as host Ben Armstrong discusses the attacks against food producers.


This video can be found on the channel The New American on

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