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Helping Sa's Hope Project

Liezl Pienaar

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Feb. 7, 2014


Hundreds of children are going to school hungry, exhausted and poorly clothed because their parents are so strapped for cash. Starving pupils dressed in ­threadbare clothes and shabby shoes stealing food from classmates - it sounds like a scene from a horror movie,but this is the reality of life, there has been an increase in the number of pupils turning up to school without having eaten breakfast or dinner the night before.


Some are so hungry they have resorted to stealing food off others, some even stealing extra for later as their whole family are hungry.

None of this is because the parents are lacking in parental skills or are poor managers of their budget, as they have no budget to rely on or earn so little it is a daily struggle just to keep a roof over their children's heads, with living expenses going up and jobs getting cut on a regular basis. These children already suffers so much, when they get to school they get teased and bullied for not wearing the correct uniform and not having the necessary school needs, please help us make a change in a child's life. The children and families that we assist is located across South Africa.


If they have no or little lunch, we provide them with one but who knows what they get for dinner? And what happens in the holidays? That is why Helping Sa will be helping these children and their families with food parcels, furniture, clothing and whatever they may need we will also be assisting in helping to find the parents employment.

It Cost us +/- R1500 per month per family for their food parcel.

The fundraising will be done by asking for a R 100 donation towards our hope project we use bank transfer to help us save on cost so we can help many more in return you will receive a tax (Section 18A) invoice to claim back from tax and a Helping Sa Hope ribbon that we hope you will wear with pride knowing what a difference you have made.If you are doing a donation through the bank please reply to this email with your details and postal address to ensure you receive your invoice and Hope ribbon.

Examples of what your R 100 donation WILL do:

Feed a child for 3 days /

1 pair of school shoes and 1 school shirt /

1 school pants / dress and 1 pair of school socks /


1 Child will be able to take the bus to school for a week and no need to walk over 6 km


To view our NPO and Section 18A certificate please visit this link

Hope you can find it your heart to assist with this project.



ACC NR; 4080925296





Yours Faithfully

Liezl Pienaar

Helping SA

081 703 1373


NPO:  115-333


"Generosity consists not the sum given, but the manner in which it is bestowed"

If you wish not to receive emails from me, please reply with a blank email and I will never email you again, we do not mean to spam anyone we are just trying to assist as many as possible. Thanking you in advance