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Los Angeles is now a two-tiered society, and you arenít allowed to participate unless youíre jabbed with the deadly spike protein

Lance D.Johnson

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A medical Apartheid is taking root in the United States of America. Los Angeles Democrats have now turned the city into a discriminatory, two-tiered society that celebrates segregation and the loss of medical privacy and ethics.

No one is allowed to participate in this safe, Democrat utopia unless they are jabbed with the deadly, debilitating mRNA vaccines. No one is allowed to visit theaters, restaurants, shopping malls, gyms, salons, etc. if they do not show proof that they were inoculated by this global experiment.

One jab isn’t enough either. Most vaccine programs require a minimum of two shots. Israel now requires three shots and is moving quickly to require a fourth, revoking freedoms for the vaccine compliant every six months.

People who are injured by the first shot cannot medically tolerate a second or a third shot and are therefore barred from society, too. People who are killed or disabled by the second or third shot ultimately lose everything as they try to comply with evil.

Pain, misery, death, segregation and total subservience: the Democrat’s safe utopia

This experimental gene interference technology encodes lab engineered spike proteins inside the body. In addition to all the other adverse events commonly caused by vaccines (including Guillain Barre syndrome, anaphylaxis and Bell’s Palsy), these foreign toxins cause blood clots and permanent damage to the recipient’s cardiovascular system, including damage to their myocardium and pericardium.

Data is beginning to show that the shots also increase one’s susceptibility to infection, wiping out critical facets of the innate immune system. This leads to lifelong dependence on mRNA updates, or however many shots it takes to kill a person.

There is no system of accountability to hold these tyrannical Democrats accountable, either. They claim ownership over people’s bodies now, violating the Constitutional order and international treaties like the Nuremberg Code. When people are injured or killed by these experiments, public health authorities and policy makers can’t be held liable. The vaccine manufacturers can’t be sued for damages.

Democrats now think they can require all people to destroy their cardiovascular system and wipe out their immune system in order to keep their jobs, show up to public venues and participate in commerce. It’s modern-day slavery and genocide. Sadly, the Republicans in these cities are too weak to stand up to the psychological, spiritual and physical warfare that are being waged upon their constituents.

The leader of the Republican Party himself, Donald Trump, is still championing his warp speed vaccines and won’t dare challenge these unlawful vaccine mandates.

The spirit of the antichrist is alive and well in Los Angeles, requiring bodily subservience for everyone to buy and sell. These are signs of Biblical prophecy, yet even some “Christian” churches are going along with restrictions, shutdowns and segregation of the unvaccinated.

Los Angeles officials are willing to destroy all liberties for a false sense of security

Los Angeles city officials are giving businesses until November 29 to acclimatize to the new vaccine passport rules. Business inspections will begin in December. Any business that doesn’t check for patrons’ vaccine status will be given a warning first and then a $1,000 fine.

The fines increase with repeated violations. City officials say the rules are all about keeping people safe. “These rules are in place to keep Angelenos safe, and help us get the economy back to full strength as quickly as possible,” said Harrison Wollman, a spokesperson for Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Ironically, almost every other part of the United States are operating just fine without this system of segregation and subservience.

If a vaccinated person is still afraid of another person, it means that they don’t even believe the vaccine protects their health. These people suffer from psychosis and are a threat to the country now. People with psychosis are still trying to dictate what other people do.

Meanwhile, people with comprehensive and durable natural immunity are living vax-free, mask-free and unafraid. And they do not require anyone to do anything to their bodies. These free people have been living well in wide open states like Florida and Texas, where human rights are restored, people gather, dine, worship and do business like free men and women should.

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