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“Multiple top international news outlets confirm that a list of 1.95 million Chinese Communist Party members has been leaked, and in it are the names of potentially thousands of individuals who live and work in the West, including at major financial institutions, medical research and pharmaceutical companies, and foreign governments.” READ FULL STORY HERE: LEAK CONFIRMED: Chinese Communists Have Infiltrated Top Companies, Governments In US, UK, Australia – National File

This is your warning not to take a vaccine and not to lay down and do as they tell you for your own good. It is for their easy takeover that you obey. It is NOT FOR YOUR OWN GOOD – it is for their ease of takeover!



The CDC lied to our president, they lied to our people, and they were in league with China and the GLOBALIST NEW WORLD ORDER LOCKSTEP TAKE DOWN to RULE THE WORLD WITH AN IRON FIST AFTER THEY FIRST CRIPPLED IT AND ALL BUT DESTROYED IT!




This is not a game. This is not a trial run – this is an attack on AMERICA! America is at war with the world forces and they are evil. The global alliance is using bio warfare and it is destroying everything it can get away with destroying. Nation leaders have signed on to destroy their own nations in order to usher in their coveted new world order. It appears that the only nation leader who has not signed on is PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP AND HE IS HANGING ON BY A THREAD AGAINST THIS EVIL FORCE.

He needs YOU to COME TO THE AID OF YOUR COUNTRY! It is not a matter of resisting, it is a matter of standing up for those who are fighting on the front lines and those front lines are padded with traitors who want you to shut up and those who won’t they don’t have nice things planned for you.

The bottom line of this war is you all go down, you all are imprisoned. There is one time to stop this and that time is now! RIGHT NOW!

DO I HAVE FAITH THAT AMERICA WILL WIN? Yes! I also know that nothing is gained without standing up for what is right and if you aren’t doing that…there is no telling how much hell on earth you will endure before victory is gained. For God’s people win in the end…but there is no timeline given for when that will be if his people are lukewarm/complacent. For it has been complacency that has allowed those who hate us to gain such power over us. One man can not fight the giants alone, and all of us together can not fight the giants alone, it takes God at the head and God only can stop this world evil. Stay in prayer and put on the whole armor of God for we are in the battle of all battles. Stay strong!

Dianne Marshall