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Health Abuse Sexism - Lbgt

Woke gender theory embedded in 4,000 American schools

If you criticize pro-LGBT Boston Children’s Hospital for MUTILATING children, you’re guilty of a “hate crime,” says DOJ attorney

This bill relies on one (evil) man . . .

Drag queens in every school . . .

'Phenomenal read!': Principal pushes trans book on 5-year-olds, all hell breaks loose

Parents boycott Crayola for incorporating transgender propaganda into marketing of crayons and other children’s products

WHO finally tells LGBT males to stop their sex-capades to halt spread of monkeypox

As I began to cry, she said "All is well" . . .

Vote [on 'Transgender] could happen any time this week . . .

Russia, which is now far more Christian than America, just introduced new law criminalizing “LGBT propaganda”

Minister claims 'Bible must give way' to same-sex 'marriage'

Gov. Noem: S.D. will sue if USDA withholds lunch money over transgender sports debate

Biden: Let boys into girls showers or we'll withhold school-lunch funding

Worker fired for protesting rainbow image, now all hell breaks loose

Are they actually 'WOMEN'? Top court rules on male-to-female transgenders

Christians get pushed to promote homosexuality, now court rules

State sued for demanding companies put gays on boards

20 states sue Biden administration over radical transgender mandates

Woke madness at the American Medical Association as organization demands newborn’s sex be left off birth certificates

Miss Nevada to be first openly transgender Miss USA contestant---WITH COMMENT BY PATRICK H. BELLRINGER