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If you criticize pro-LGBT Boston Children’s Hospital for MUTILATING children, you’re guilty of a “hate crime,” says DOJ attorney

Ethan Huff

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After the news spread that Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) maims and sexually deconstructs children’s bodies for profit, George Soros-backed Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins swooped in to declare that anyone who has a problem with BCH’s transgender mutilation practices is guilty of a “hate crime.”

The Department of Justice (DOJ) attorney issued an official notice on August 17 stating that “alleged threats” against BCH over its sexual assault against underage children’s bodies will not be tolerated.

“Children deserve an opportunity to thrive and grow as their own authentic selves,” the notice reads. “Parents / guardians and health care providers who support them in that journey should be allowed to do so free of threats and harassment.”

The letter goes on to reiterate that Joe Biden’s DOJ will “ensure equal protection of transgender people under the law,” adding a quote from Attorney General Merrick Garland referring to those who oppose the transgender mutilation of children as “hate crimes.”

Garland also believes that butchering children’s bodies by cutting off their genitals and feeding them gender-bending pharmaceuticals is a “legal and … moral obligation” of the regime that must be preserved and protected at all costs.

“I have made confronting hate crimes a priority of my administration, establishing a unit dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of civil rights violations,” Rollins further writes.



“While free speech is indeed the cornerstone of our great nation, fear, intimidation, and threats are not. I will not sit idly by and allow hate-based criminal activity to continue in our District.”

Boston Children’s Hospital is committing hate crimes against innocent children who are being manipulated into destroying their own lives

In case you missed it, BCH faced massive backlash after it released a promotional video about how it now performs hysterectomies on underage girls who want to become their “true selves.”

The video refers to the procedure as “gender affirming hysterectomies” for “transgender” children – as if children who have not yet reached puberty are somehow able to decide that they are the “wrong” gender and need a change.

Frances Grimstad, a supposed “doctor” at BCH, is seen in the video happily explaining the process – watch below:


According to BCH, it has a “full suite of surgical options for transgender teens.” There are also 90-plus videos on BCH’s YouTube page promoting underage transgender mutilation of children.

If Rollins’ name sounds familiar, it may be because she made headlines back in 2019 for trying to stop police officers from arresting people for shoplifting, breaking and entering, vandalism, disturbing the peace and other crimes. Rollins also opposes Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials having the ability to arrest illegal aliens.

Rollins is also linked to a program funded by George Soros that aims to radicalize the country into left-wing extremism. As you can see, her work towards that end is everything that Soros would be proud of.

“The program has helped elect radical attorneys in Chicago, St. Louis, Sacramento and San Diego,” reported one media outlet. “On Tuesday Soros-linked Kim Foxx dropped all charges against hate hoaxer Jussie Smollett in Chicago without explanation.”

“Police are instructed to notify her office if anyone tries to deport an illegal alien.”

In the comment section, one person asked where the left even finds people like Rollins who hold these deranged views in favor of permanently mutilating underage children’s bodies.

“Soldiers of the current insurgency operation are hijacking America right now,” wrote another.

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