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NATO War Crimes: NATO’s “Humanitarian” Bombings, the Balance Sheet of Destruction in Yugoslavia (1999)

Prof Michel Chossudovsky

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This article by Michel Chossudovsky was written in 1999 at the height of the NATO bombing campaign. It was presented to the Ad-hoc Committee to Stop Canada’s Participation in the War in Yugoslavia,   Press Conference, Monday, April 12, National Press Theatre, 150 Wellington Street, Ottawa. 


Amply documented, the bombings of Yugoslavia are not strictly aimed at military and strategic targets as claimed by NATO. They are largely intent on destroying the country’s civilian infrastructure as well as its institutions.

According to Yugoslav sources, NATO has engaged around 600 aeroplanes of which more than 400 are combat planes. They have flown almost 3,000 attack sorties, “with 200 in one night alone against 150 designated targets”. They have dropped thousands of tons of explosives and have launched some 450 cruise missiles.

The intensity of the.....