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U.S. Military Massacred Civilians in Somalia

Tatenda Gwaambuka

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December 28, 2017 "Information Clearing House" -  On the 25th of August, the United States of America’s military led an operation in Somalia's Bariire region that resulted in the death of 10 civilians and at least one child on the 25th of August. It was a massacre whose taint on the U.S. forces’ reputation can be compared to the Black Hawk Down incident of 1993. The victims of the operation were farmers and in its wake, hundreds of people in the Somali town of Afgoye protested, demanding justice for those killed. Survivors refused to bury the dead until the Somali government withdrew allegations that they were members of Al-Shabab and paid reparations. This was revealed in a written by Christina Goldbaum.