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At the time of the posting of this consolidated page, on August 11 at 1 AM,

1. North Korea has not yet stated they will launch ICBM's towards Guam, that is a fake construct of the U.S. media.

2. North Korea has not yet stated they are going to attack Guam, they instead said they will attack "U.S. interests in the Pacific" without explicitly singling out Guam, all the while they are mad as hell at the U.S. for staging a buildup of strategic nuclear forces there. North Korea is too much of a local power to strike Guam, so people were mistaken when they heard North Korea all upset over Guam, and taking action against U.S. interests. It did not mean they would attack Guam. They never said they would.

3. North Korea cannot launch a nuke at Guam or the U.S. mainland. They have no proven design that is small enough for any of their missiles, nor have they proven re-entry capability. so if a nuke goes off anywhere, BE VERY SUSPICIOUS.

On those grounds, the Guam coverage follows:



Many readers notified me that the pages on the REAL North Korean government web site were coming up blank. If I can see them, they are not arriving blank for everyone. So the site is probably regionally censored, which I'd expect, because it is guaranteed to not be a false front. It is the real deal. If the U.S. government uses .gov web addresses, why would the Korean government use .com? FACT: Government run web sites use IP addresses that go directly back to the home country and are designated for government. If any "official" North Korean government web site you get linked to does not end in be very suspicious, it is not a guarantee it is fake, but it is certainly a very strong indicator.


ANYWAY, because the New World Order can't handle letting people see the real Kim Jong web site, and instead censored the crap out of it thus forcing me to endure an hours long time wasting search, and then they censor it after I post it, for those who can't see it even via a direct link, here it is, and it is a de-facto confirmation that the entire Guam story is BULLSHIT. If they were really going to test 4 ICBM's aimed at Guam, surely it would be in the headlines here because the other missiles are, yet there's not a peep!

One thing I'd like to point out here is that this web site does not look like it belongs to a nice country. They are unabashedly honest with what they are. But this does confirm that the stories being told to America right now to set up the precedent for a false flag HAVE TO be total B.S.

You can't be serious! Someone I am going to have to call an idiot asked why the page was in English, when at the top of the page there are links to the other languages! Sometimes I wonder if people send stuff like that to anger me, or hope for one last trip up. Obviously, since the U.S. is in a mode of absolute threatening belligerence, they posted their site in English also, Just like Iran does with ALL OF THEM, in the hopes of having Americans get a shred of truth!

Since the West is censoring this for many people, here is the official statement of the North Korean Government regarding the U.S. as of August 8.

Not a peep about Guam here either.



At first, as usual, I fell for it like a SUCKER. But all anyone has to do is actually find their way to North Korea's official state newspaper - the Rodong Sinmun, and see what they are saying. One would think that if NK was threatening a nuclear strike on Guam they'd at least give passing mention of it on the state newspaper, but there's not a peep about it there.


So what we are probably facing with the "Guam threats" is yet another false flag, to justify a war.

And worse? Kim Jong does not even know it, or he'd be saying it is all false in the state newspaper that says August 10, which means it is super fresh. Yes, I believe the shadow government could easily mask this media event from Kim Jong, Google and all others are now spectacular masters of censorship, and anyone who wanted to warn Kim of what is going on via the phone would simply be cut off by the NSA. And they'd have "real" conversations with Kim, who was actually just voice cloning software.

That is how deep the deception goes, and if you don't think so, try to explain why the official Korean state newspaper, updated in the last couple hours, does not have a peep about any attack on Guam posted on it.

It was difficult for me to find the actual official paper of North Korea, because there are many false fronts and every last search engine out there censored it. I had to follow a trail of articles across several web sites that talked about North Korea, and then found one that posted a screen capture of the paper's front page in Korean, that had the site address printed on it, and then manually type the site address and once there, select English.


FOLKS, NORTH KOREA IS NOT TALKING AT ALL ABOUT GUAM. THIS IS SUSPICIOUS AS HELL, AND IF A NUKE DOES GO OFF OR ANY SORT OF ATTACK HAPPENS THERE IT WILL BE VIRTUALLY ASSURED TO BE A FALSE FLAG. What would be new about that, anyway? What could be better than Guam for that, to boot? It's not like they have to nuke LA to kick it all off!

And they don't want you linking through to any real North Korean web site to see that North Korea is planning NOTHING AT ALL right now, and never mentioned Guam to boot!


A troll wrote on this topic.

So I had a troll tell me how stupid I was for saying the North Korea/Guam scenario is a hoax. He said he confirmed they said it all, and then did not send a source. For the record, North Korea's state newspaper is far more credible with this than the Washington Post, CNN, or any other American/European MSM. HERE'S WHY:

1. The North korean media has talked all about the other missile launches, before and after IN A SPECIAL SECTION RIGHT ON TOP, TITLED "SUPREME LEADER'S ACTIVITIES.. You can see that, with the stories still linked at the state web site I posted.

2. The North Korean media is keeping current, saying the talks with Iran have concluded and other current stories, that are ALL THERE, at the site I posted. Clearly, since it is current, there would be something mentioned about Guam if the story was legit.

3.North Korea continuously brags about it's military endeavors, including in the official state papers and is very proud of standing up to America. If the threats on Guam were real, they'd be in that paper simply because Kim Jong would not be able to contain himself, as the rest of the reports at that state newspaper confirm.

4. The paper is unabashedly communist, and even has a headline claiming the conservative media should be thoroghly eradicated in North Korea. So they are not pulling any punches with what they are. At least they are apparently honest.

5. The CIA dreamed up Osama Bin Laden, just like they are probably doing to Kim Jong right now, all the while now that anyone who knows anything looks back, Osama had nothing to do with 911, and the CIA KNEW IT. Why would it be different then with Kim Jong and a nuke attack?

6. The latest claim is that North Korea is going to launch 4 ICBM's towards Guam as a test, and make them land 30 miles offshore. PROBLEM: The official state media in North Korea talked all about the previous ICBM tests BEFORE AND AFTER, and has not uttered a peep about the latest tests that are supposedly going to happen.

The stories being told are all thundering around the MSM echo chambers in the West, but the place that should be the source of those stories has not so much as squeaked.


All you have to do to confirm what I am talking about is to read the official North Korean state newspaper I have linked above in this report.

Quite frankly, the paper looks spooky, and is everything I'd expect from a communist oligarchy. It is obviously the real deal. So why no word on the latest, when they talked about everything else?


TO THE TROLL: There is a chance I am wrong, however small. But clearly, I am not stupid about what I am posting - that the overwhelming probablility is that Guam is a false flag in the making. If North Korea's own newspaper has not uttered a peep about Guam, WHERE DID THE MSM, WHICH IS NOW INFAMOUS FOR LYING ABOUT EVERYTHING, GET THAT FROM?

Clearly not from Kim Jong himself, because he'd have posted it by now, like Trump does Twitter.

Here's more proof. Take a look at this statement from the DPRK government, issued on August 8, well after the staging for the Guam false flag was launched. It says nothing at all about Guam, but really lays out the hostilities very well: STATEMENT OF DPRK GOVERNMENT

Final Guam post:

A lot of people understood what I did with the Guam posts, and what I was trying to show people. However a few did not catch on.

I am well aware of the fact that North Korea threatened "pacific interests" while talking about Guam. But you'd really have to read what I posted in detail. However, they did not mention attacking Guam specifically. Guam is a long distance away from North Korea, and it would exhaust them because they do not have a way to get a nuke there and simply can't project power that far.

In addition to complaining about Guam but never specifically stating they would attack that particular "pacific interest" They also did not say any attacks would be nuclear, and never mentioned launching 4 ICBMS at Guam via a route that goes over Japan. That was a 100 percent MSM fabrication. That is what all the Guam reports are about. The reports are only stated to make it clear that there is a serious false flag threat at Guam, that takes advantage of North Korean belligerence and American misunderstandings of what is really going on, thanks to a shady MSM. If North Korea does anything, it will not be done to Guam. They are only worked up about Guam because so many American nuclear assetts are stationed there. Go over the reports I linked, they say it all, and clearly explain my position.

Additionally, you can't make sense of what I posted if you used anything other than news sources that were completely North Korean in origin. I used only those sources, because the MSM is so full of B.S. That means that if you used any site that was not a KP site, you probably got a fabrication. I was extremely diligent in getting purely North Korean sources, which don't sound a bit like what is getting spewed by the MSM.

The only thing I can say that is bad with what North Korea actually posted on it's official web sites is that it makes them look like an unabashedly proud communist outpost, that has brief outbursts in the style of 3 year old temper tantrum rhetoric with regard to the U.S. You can't blame them, but they could certainly at least try to sound like they are 14 year olds when they vent. Maybe it works on the people in Korea, but Americans will only laugh.


MY CONCLUSION: After reviewing the North Korean official web sites, they will do NOTHING AT ALL, because they talked about all missile launches before doing them before and never said anything at this time, and that would not change. They will do nothing at all, because they can't project power any farther than your car will go on a single tank of gas. They are a local power, not even a regional power. They won't do anything at all, because they don't have a good enough nuke, nor will they waste so much effort sending 4 ICBM's to Guam for a test. They won't even send one, because despite what the MSM said for American ears, they never said it themselves, in any way shape matter or form. SO THAT MEANS IF ANYTHING HAPPENS IT IS A FALSE FLAG. PERIOD.


I am well aware of the fact that the U.S. media keeps quoting "sources" (without any backlinks to anything officially Korean) and that the story is that 4 Korean missiles will be fired at Guam. My issue with this is that North Korea announced everything else they did in their official state papers before doing so, and there is NOT ONE PEEP about this in the official Korean press AT ALL.

It may appear at some future time, but it is not there yet in any form, which means people need to look at any supposed "provocations to war" with the utmost scrutiny. Having this not show up in the North Korean press is a red flag, and clear signal that a false flag may be in the works.


North Korea has announced atmospheric nuclear tests

This I find to be plausible, but it won't happen with nukes for a while

It would be irresponsible for them to launch a nuke on any missile, until that missile had been proven to be able to re-enter and then detonate a conventional bomb that is weighted exactly like their nuke, exactly as planned. Thus far, none of them have done that. If they are not even to that phase yet, there won't be any nuclear launches any time soon.


What I believe a false flag attack on Guam would look like

It would be staged as a miss, and would involve the detonation of a small nuclear weapon a few miles off the North East tip of guam, so the air force base (which could be locked down) could be made ready for the blast, which at a distance of a few miles won't damage anything. The wind would carry the fallout out to sea, to the East.

They will not set off a nuke on the actual island itself. People will readily believe North Korea did not get a direct hit (but that they meant to) and then it would be full scale war.


Don't get me wrong, I know North Korea has made threats, and does not appear to be a very nice place. My issue with what is going on right now is that they have not threatened Guam directly, nor have they announced any more missile launches, let alone 4 ICBM's that are supposed to land 30 miles away from Guam, in the ocean. My interest is in pointing out the false flag probability with the recent hoopla, and nothing more.

North Korea has stated they would act aggressively

They have said they would use nuclear force against U.S. interests in the Pacific theatre, but they never mentioned Guam for an attack specifically, and never announced ICBM tests everyone has heard of, with 4 missiles supposedly to land 30 miles off the coast of Guam. That is a pure fabrication of the Western media.

They can't launch a nuke anyway. On that level, their stuff does not work. There is no reason whatsoever to believe they have a nuke that is any better than Magna BSP's owl, which simply can't be put on a missile because it is too heavy, and far too large.

Another thing - They don't know how to make threats. They use too many words, all firey in nature, that makes them sound like a rattled porcupine. It would be a lot better for them to simply say "Attack us and enjoy the results."

I gotta laugh at the NK papers though, they really do call little kim "supreme", and rattle on like totally unabashed communists, who are proud of the crap communists do. They are not angels, but a false flag by the neocons would be very unappreciated by me nonetheless.


A reader said KCNA is Korea's official web site.

It is the same as the one I posted in content. Still nothing at all about them launching anything at Guam. See this PLEASE NOTE: THERE WAS AN ATTEMPT TO INTERCEPT AND SEND ME TO A NEW LOCATION. So there could be a fraud version people are being redirected to. SAY NO if given the option, and if people send messages saying they are talking about launching missiles at Guam, I'll capture this web site also and post it. All I am seeing is the exact same content as the other site I captured, to the letter, with different window dressing.


I know it all sounds unbelievable, that the U.S. and European media would lie at this level, but remember what they did on 911. They know they don't have popular support for a war, and are itching for a reason to have one. I can't post captures in combat mode, but I can copy text from this other web site, about what they have to say about Guam.

Here is EVERYTHING North Korea has stated about Guam in it's entirety.

U.S. Deploys B-2A on Guam for Preemptive Nuclear Strike at DPRK

Pyongyang, August 10 (KCNA) -- The U.S. imperialists are getting ever more undisguised in their scenario for mounting a preemptive nuclear attack on the DPRK.

They transferred three B-2A nuclear strategic bombers to the Anderson Air Force Base on Guam from the Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri State on August 9.

This arms build-up is timed to coincide with the forward-deployment of four B-1B nuclear strategic bombers in the Anderson Air Force Base on Guam after August 6.

The aim sought by the U.S. imperialists in steadily introducing nuclear war hardware in Asia-Pacific is to mount a preemptive nuclear attack on the DPRK from A to Z.

Pursuant to this sinister scenario, they introduced a formation of B-52Hs based on Guam into the air above south Korea in June and staged a joint drill for dropping nuclear bombs in collusion with the south Korean puppet forces and the Japanese reactionaries. Early in July they separately staged a nuclear bomb dropping drill in the sky above south Korea without informing the puppet forces of it.

The above-said military moves clearly indicate what phase the U.S. imperialists' scenario for invading the DPRK has reached.

What should not be overlooked is that the massive forward-deployment of nuclear war hardware is underway with the approach of the Ulji Freedom Guardian, a joint nuclear war exercise to be staged by the U.S. imperialists and the puppet forces.

The U.S. imperialists have already examined at the phase of an actual war the capabilities of nuclear strategic bombers for mounting the preemptive nuclear attack on the DPRK. They are now mulling creating an opportunity of surprise nuclear attack in the course of the Ulji Freedom Guardian.

These military moves only harden the will of the service personnel of the Korean People's Army to take merciless retaliatory counteraction against them.

A preemptive nuclear attack is not a monopoly of the U.S. -0-


That's it, there is nothing more there. There is simply nothing at all more there.

If you are seeing reports of North Korea posting more than what I put up here, you have fallen for a hoax. There is simply nothing more than that being said by them.


More messages from today (10th)

"F" sent: It sounds like you had trouble finding official NK media. Did you find this?


kcnawatch dot co


It's a NK media aggregator. I suggest you link it on your front page and encourage your readers to spread it on social media. The way I'm doing it presently is to link it in big Deplorable FB groups with the following text:


"Take the MSM Due Diligence Challenge! Go through the official North Korean statements, find where they threatened to attack Guam, screenshot and post in the comments."


Living here in SK, I would have to use a VPN to access the NK media. But I'd be breaking the law, which I mustn't do since I was jailed in 2012. Before then, I used VPNs to monitor Nork media for years. In all that time, I saw plenty of the kind of general "sea of fire and fury" crap that I was dismayed to see Trump spew recently. Never once do I recall seeing a threat to attack a specific place other than Seoul or "Nam Josun" (their name for South Korea) or the American Empire at large, and I find it hard to believe that they did that with Guam or any other such specific location outside this peninsula. I would be shocked to learn they actually did so.


So I would say that an effective way to fight the MSM lie machine, and maybe help avert the pointless deaths of is to spread this aggregator far and wide, so that Mom and Pop and Joe Sixpack in Flyover Country can peer into reality and see through the bullshit. There is a lot of rah-rah warmonger trollage these days on FB, whipping sentiment up for war. In my nearly twenty years here I've never seen anything like this. It's very troubling to say the least.


That's my two cents anyway. I hope you're well and that you find this post useful.



My response: I won't use that as an official source that proves anything, despite the fact that you are right - they really do not mention Guam there either, while claiming to be a mirror of all NK media. The problem is that their web designation is .co, which means anyone can run it. I definitely found Kim Jong's actual site, and consider that to be a better source even though on the surface, yours looks great.

"Hi Jim


I don't think there's anyway Kim doesn't know. They have embassies whose staff read the local news. Also, I'm sure the Chinese and/or Russians will be discussing this with them.


Keep up the good work, Mark, Switzerland."

My response: I still find it very odd that no official North Korean source has mentioned this AT ALL, 3 days into it, when they are all updated to today.



"N. Korea has already responded. It is a real embarrassment for your followers to forward your stuff only to find out you do not know your ass from a hole in the ground"

My response: Says who? If North Korea's official state newspaper, that is CENSORED COMPLETELY by Google and all other search engines (real freedom for ya, they'll send you to a fake) but if the REAL SITE does not even mention Guam AT ALL, and it was updated two hours before I posted, and still has nothing hours later, I call your sources an embarrasment that prevent you from knowing your ass from a hole in the ground. WHO DID YOU REFERENCE? CNN? Sounds about right you know, if they are going to play this they need both sides talking back and forth in their fabricated construct. I SAY: Not one peep from the REAL NK press means Kim Jong has been out golfing and is now headed home to the shower, oblivious of the blather emanating from the Pentagon. Until that changes, I say he's had his communications spoofed to prevent anyone who can hear the Western Press from contacting him to tell him of an impending emergency.

And I did not just take the word of one North Korean newspaper, there were several and NOT ONE mentioned a peep about Guam. That speaks VOLUMES.