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Feb. 24, 2012

I am attaching an mp3 file that you must absolutely listen to.  I implore you to please listen to this.  I had to trim it some so I could fit it within the confines of gmails 10mb limit.  It is the 2nd hour of Republic Broadcasting Network's February 17th John Stadtmiller show (the owner of RBN).  If you truly want to understand why America is in the shape it is in today, this show will bring you to the light. Please listen carefully to all of it.  Why Fox News canceled Judge Napalitanos Freedom Watch show.  Listen to the man who can tell you why 911 happened.  Listen carefully to what our last great President, John F. Kennedy, was trying to warn America about, and he was killed for it. 


Once you have listened to this, please email it to all of your friends and fellow workers that need wake up.  America today is in desperate times, and we need to get people to stop trusting the mainstream media, and start paying attention to alternative news.  The Washing Post, CNN, Fox News are not giving you the truth.  Please go to alternative news like,,, Max Keiser on RT tv. (just google Max Keiser + RT), and others you can find.  Folks, our government has had a coup d'état, and most people don't even know it,   Your children's freedom, and their children's freedom depend on us getting the word out, and getting these bkums who call themselves our representatives to give us our constitutional government back. 


Thank you

Dennis Henry




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