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July 25, 2015

A favorite whipping boy of Sulzberger's Jew York Slimes, the Lebanese Muslim military and political organization known as Hezbollah has long been designated as a "terrorist group" by the Israeli vassal states known as the United States and the European Union. Indeed, a Google Search for the term "Hezbollah Terrorist" yields an astounding 12,400,000 results. Those Hezbollah thugs must be some really "bad guys", right? A closer look indicates otherwise.
Hezbollah ("The Party of God") was formed in 1982 in response to expansionist Israel's invasion of southern Lebanon and brutal bombardment of the Muslim areas of the northern-central capital city of Beirut. The oh-so-predictable Zionist pretext for the invasion and air raids was "to fight terrorism". The real reason dates back to the original founding of "Israel". For geographic, industrial, and fresh water reasons, the Zionists have always wanted the Litani River to delineate the northern border of Israel.