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Hezbollah 'helped crush Mossad' in Lebanon

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Head of Lebanon's Internal Security Forces (ISF) Ashraf Riffi
A senior Lebanese security official has declared that the security branch of Hezbollah movement has played a key role in detecting the Israeli spies in Lebanon.

Head of Lebanon's Internal Security Forces (ISF) Ashraf Riffi added that the recent arrests of the Israeli spies have dealt major blows to Israel's intelligence service Mossad.

Since January, at least 17 suspected Israeli spies have been arrested in Lebanon, including two pairs of brothers arrested on Friday in southern Lebanon.

Those arrested are to be tried in Lebanon's military courts. Lebanon's security forces say more espionage cells are to be dismantled in the near future.

Riffi has pointed to the recent arrests as the "strongest security strike against the Israeli Mossad," adding that the achievement is the result of a new security plan in Lebanon.

The plan put in place after the 33-day Israeli onslaught on Lebanon in 2006, saw a specialized counter-espionage unit created in the ISF, with specially trained officers taking over a role that was previously fulfilled by the Lebanese Army.