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  • Jun 8, 2014
  • theunhivedmind


    Letterman pushes gun control lies on The Late Show


    In an attempt to prop up the failing gun control movement, television host David Letterman clamored for more gun control during a discussion with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper last night on The Late Show With David Letterman.



    The nearly four minute segment was little more than a ploy to attack the Second Amendment, with Letterman setting aside comedy in favor of asking loaded questions designed to make the audience believe that support for gun control is much larger than it actually is.

    “Daily in this country, a child or an underaged boy or girl is shot and killed by a gun,” he said. “And then we had the situation in Santa Barbara, California where a fellow was unbalanced and killed people, then killed himself.”

    “I certainly thought that Newtown [Sandy Hook] was going to be the landmark, changing, touchstone point in this country where we changed our understanding and awareness about gun ownership.”

    Letterman then claimed that gun control would somehow “improve” gun ownership without “eliminating guns,” a common lie considering that gun control ultimately leads to the confiscation of once-legal firearms.

    “People are shot and killed each and every day by private handgun ownership,” he said. “You can’t tell me that this isn’t an insoluble problem.”

    Letterman also asked how the case for gun control is not “cut and dry.”

    “I’m not anti-gun,” he claimed, “but for the love of Christ, when are we going to do something about this nonsense?”

    It’s no accident that anti-gun propaganda is becoming more common on TV shows, movies and other forms of mass entertainment.

    For one thing, the gun control movement did not originate from the grassroots but is rather a top-down movement bankrolled by powerful politicians such as former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg who want nothing more than to expand government powers at the expense of individual liberties.

    Grassroots gun rights organizations, on the other hand, attract thousands of individuals who are working not to advance the agenda of politicians but to defend their birth rights, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they dwarf gun control groups.

    Case in point, a panel discussion on gun control during the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas last March failed to attract more than a handful of people.

    Compare that to the grassroots open carry rally that also occurred during SXSW which attracted well over 100 gun owners on a weekday.



    So in response to this obvious lack of support for gun control, the establishment is increasingly using TV shows, sports and movies to try and sway public opinion against the Second Amendment, which is exactly what happened last night on The Late Show With David Letterman and in 2012 when American sportscaster Bob Costas gave an anti-gun speech to millions of Americans who were watching an NFL game.

    And this strategy to brainwash people into supporting unpopular gun control legislation was laid out by Attorney General Eric Holder back in 1995.



    “We need to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way,” he said to the Woman’s National Democratic Club.

    theunhivedmind says:

    June 8, 2014 at 2:35 am

    The biggest threat to life in the United States is from the pharmaceutical and medical mafia (The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries/Barbers) killing hundreds of thousands of U.S. Citizens each and every year. On top of that fact they are making U.S. Citizens become addicted to synthetic drugs and even illegal heroin (after opium painkilling prescribing [all by design in their western version of the Opium wars]). Notice how the puppet of the CIA, Anderson Cooper is part of this anti-gun rant and he is from the Cable News Network the once home of redcoat Piers Morgan who himself was trying to attack guns in the U.S. all to aid New Venice (Britain) and its plans to de-arm and enslave America deeper into its USA Financial LTD corporation.

    Always remember what William Colby said about the media and do not fall for attempted debunks trying to lie and claim otherwise therefore distracting you from the truth. Snopes is one such site and that is controlled by George Soros of all people. Here is the quote, “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media” – Former CIA director, William Colby

    -= The Unhived Mind