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The Voice of the White House for September 22nd 2008

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at he can seize it at any time, un-hindered by a useless NATO. Their diplomatic representatives have been engaging in frantic and panic-stricken phone calls, emails and personal visits to key Americans such as Bush, Cheney, McCain (whose chief foreign affairs specialist is a neo-con and a paid agent for Georgia) and members of the U.S. military. The Ukraine is terrified that if Putin institutes some kind of an Anschluss , NATO can, and will, do nothing to counter it , and that Washington will quickly abandon them as they did Georgia last month and today, there was news that the Crimean parliament has asked Kiev to recognize Georgia’s breakaway provinces . The Crimea, which is peopled with ethnic Russians, is home to the Sebastopol naval base, used by Russia. Our people view this area as the most likely flash point for future problems.

The United States has very clearly abandoned one ally, Georgia, and is now attacking a second, Pakistan. Georgia was intended to serve as an American showcase for its brand of democracy, a democracy mirroring the wishes of Washington, as well as acting for a probable base to attack Iran, and Pakistan was to assist our military in attacking the Afgahnistani Taliban. Now that our man, General Musharrif, has fallen from power to be replaced with a weak and vacillating government that is terrified of the Taliban and also strongly anti-American, the Bush people, goaded by a frightened India, are considering immediate military strikes, with U.S. Special Forces, deep into the territory of their former ally in order to secure Pakistan’s nuclear weaponry.

And a comment about the “rescue of the collapsing credit market” by the Bush people: In essence, Secretary Paulson wants to set up a Federal agency which will scoop up billions of dollars of bad debt the greedy banks ‘suddenly’ found themselves stuck with. This financial fraud will be dumped onto the American taxpayer and is privately estimated to exceed 6 trillion dollars. The banks involved, who were criminally responsible for this situation, get off with a Pass Free card and can get their golden parachutes, or the golden shower if they want it.And when the banking community realized that this payoff might actually happen, they lined up in groups of fifty with outstretched hands for their friends to press money into. Also, Paulson and McCain are going to insure all investors in U.S. money-market funds which will cost our taxpayers many more hundreds of millions. And as to the ‘fiscal fix,’ recall the words of Patrick Henry. ‘Trust it not sir, it shall prove a snare and a delusion.’

Smile, children, and swallow.”