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Mayday, Mayday - World Political Tension By United States War Faction
It has come to my attention today, August 26, 2008, that the United States and Britain are planning to aggravate and defy Russia over the conflict that happened in Georgia.
The plan, which has been on the table for about one year, is now being implemented by the United States dragging NATO and U.S. navy ships into the Black Sea region to replay the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. If this world crisis that is scheduled to erupt and start World War III by the United States and Britain happens, there will be no 2008 election!
The contention will be over the United States trying to defy Russian naval forces from searching their humanitarian aid cargo to be dropped off at the port of Poti, Georgia.
Who will back down from this pending world crisis that is being put into motion by the Bush Administration term with help from the boys in the City of London and New York, with approval from David Rockefeller?
The Russians have received advanced warnings and are prepared, and have put on high alert xxxxx covert forces to track movements of United States and NATO navy ships in the Black Sea region and worldwide. In addition, special Georgian military units have been instructed by the West to get busy with reconnaissance missions and preparations for new armed actions.
The Russian covert forces have at their disposal unique counter-measures. And the Russian naval ship Moskva will make her public appearance in the Black Sea area, backed up by the unseen covert forces. Moskva means "tangled and angled" -- "to involve in a difficult situation, entangle," and "to fish with a hook". How appropriate is the meaning of the name. The Russians will have to do some strategic fishing. How big will be the catch?
While the Russians are distracted, the Bush Administration hopes that a massive aerial attack can be carried out on Iran by the United States, Britain and Israel combined. The Chinese are monitoring this eventuality and have put on alert nuclear forces.
Russian xxxxx covert forces started to implement procedures days into the Georgian conflict, testing counter-measures. One of those tests during the conflict was successful and went unnoticed by the public. Another test was recently carried out to assess communications… Now, maneuvers are being executed in preparation for the pending crisis attack by the West.
Within the United States, the CIA controlled Blackwater security firm hopes to take full advantage in the United States from the Cuban Missile Crisis scenario to hit Europe shortly. The security firm using another face plan to carryout acts of sabotage inside the United States aimed at infrastructure followed by a massive corporate media blitz trying to link Russia to these CIA instigated events.
Inside Russia's media services, news is circling that the world might be heading toward World War III. With this conclusion in sight, the Russian military is on high-alert! Because the war faction of the United States, the neocons, the new-Nazis, has already started to degrade the political situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea, etc. so that their plans blend flawlessly.
Did Saakashvili understand the scope of the situation he was getting himself and the world into? Lord Malloch-Brown, George Soros business partner, has been pumping millions of dollars into Georgia’s Saakashvili buddy government where each cabinet member is treated handsomely with a stack of United States cash to spree their heart's desire.
The main reason behind the drive to start another world war is the currently onrushing breakdown of the world's financial system.
And the trillions stole from people and governments by multi-national corporations who are refusing to give back the loot. Their fortune-telling financial system swindle has reached end-of-life.