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Christopher Story

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London, 18th August 2008:

In a major escalation of tensions attributable to the greed of Bush 41 and Bush 43, the following grave developments are hereby reported:

GRU-Prime Minister Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was NOT paid the $30 billion plus compound interest that he demanded must be paid into the relevant bank account under the unpaid Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols arrangements, aggregating $87 billion. The money should have been seen in the bank account by Monday 18th August 2008, to meet Putin's exasperated deadline. For the grim background, see our reports dated 12th, 14th, 16th and 18th April: ARCHIVE:

With effect from 12 noon Moscow time, Putin ordered all Russian Naval vessels in the Black Sea area to be re-equipped with LONG-RANGE MISSILES, by which is meant here that the short-range missiles on the ships are being replaced by long-range missiles 'as we speak'. So far we have only been able to verify that the Russian Navy ships in question are the ships of the Black Sea Fleet.

We understand that when he was not paid, Putin let it be known that he would take these steps. He gave the White House time to 'do the necessary', which it refused to do. He then proceeded to issue the order for the Black Sea ships to be re-equipped with long-range intercontinental missiles.

We separately understand that Bush 41 and 43 have indicated their preference for war, rather than making any payments whatsoever. In response to this stance, we have been advised that:

The Pentagon has informed President Bush and his demoniac father that THE U.S. MILITARY WILL NOT ALLOW A WAR AND FURTHER THAT PRESIDENT BUSH MUST RELEASE THE GLOBAL SETTLEMENT FUNDS ON TUESDAY THE 19TH AUGUST 2008, including of course the $87 billion demanded by Mr V. Putin, to which he is entitled under the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols (taking proper account of the compound interest). 'VERY SHARP' LANGUAGE WAS USED.

Bush 41, the most wanted and dangerous criminal in the world, has again stated today that 'the money belongs to me and I will not release it'. He's a private citizen.

The U.S. military now face the following situation. Since they have told the President in so many words that they will DISOBEY ANY ORDERS THAT THE PRESIDENT MAY ISSUE TO START WAR WITH RUSSIA, IN ORDER TO OBFUSCATE AND COVER UP HIS OWN CRIMINALITY, they will be faced with NO CHOICE on Tuesday, if this mad President refuses to comply forthwith and to release the overdue Settlements, but to ARREST THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES on charges of gross treason and endangering the peace and stability of the whole world because of his avarice.

It is not for us to tell the US military what their duty is, but if they flinch from taking the measures that appear to be indispensable, it is not just the United States that will suffer, but the Rest of the World as well. Since we form part of the Rest of the World, we are entitled to urge the US military to CEASE AND DESIST from their feckless cowardice in the face of these endless provocations by the White House, and to do what may need to be done FOR THE SAKE OF THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY. If not the blood of millions, maybe billions, could be on their heads. TIME HAS RUN OUT.

COMMENT: This is exactly what we have predicted. Bush 43 is possessed. He and his demoniac father actually prefer a WORLD WAR to making the payments that they have stolen. Bush 43 wants to make a BIGGER BANG than the father who abused him. HE MUST BE STOPPED RIGHT NOW.