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Top Stories From Afghanistan

TTN Staff

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August 20, 2021

There are all sorts of issues going on in Afghanistan right now, chaos has consumed all the major communication channels and it is fair to say that no one knows for sure what is going on in Kabul, but that doesn’t mean the biggest threats are unknown. The biggest issues plaguing the country right now span from a lack of information about the situation to the safety of Americans trapped behind enemy lines. These are the top issues in Afghanistan right now:

Americans Trapped Behind Taliban Lines 

Screenshot from Channel 4 News

The biggest issue by far in Afghanistan is the number of Americans who are trapped behind Taliban checkpoints. There is estimated to be roughly 15,000 Americans stuck in the country and as of now there is no plan to get them out. 

These Americans are mostly stuck inside the city of Kabul but behind Taliban checkpoints, these Taliban fighters are refusing to let them go on to the airport where they at least have a chance of making it out of the country safely. 


Rampant Disinformation 

By Ken Lund (Flickr: CNN Center, Atlanta, Georgia) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Generally when the media calls out disinformation they mean to say that someone is saying something they disagree with, after all if you disagree with the mainstream media you are wrong. This time though there is a lot of real disinformation that is spreading like wildfire all over the internet and some of it is even making it into media channels. 

One story that went viral was the story about Marines being ordered to defend the last McDonald’s in Kabul. This story was spread everywhere but was proven to be a hoax quickly, there are no McDonald’s locations in Afghanistan. 

While that one story was proven to be a hoax, there are many other stories that are ultimately unverifiable but are still being shared as if they were matter of fact.

The Taliban’s New Weapons 

A major issue that has not yet come to a head, but will soon, is the new equipment the hasty pullout has given the Taliban.

The US military and Afghanistan’s military has left behind billions in military equipment for the Taliban. M16, Blackhawk helicopters, and all sorts of highly advanced equipment have fallen into enemy hands.


Lack of Action by the Biden Administration

President Biden home alone as he discusses his Afghan crisis in Camp David’s situation room. Official White House photo.

The Biden administration has sat idly by why other nations have jumped into action. The French and UK special forces have begun running operations to get their civilians out of the country.

The Biden administration has also totally failed to make any major move in regards to securing the airport in Kabul. Earlier this week we were subjected to seeing awful videos of Afghans falling out of airplanes as they hung off of the sides as well as thousands of civilians storming the airport in an effort to escape.


Media Insanity 

Screenshot via CNN

The media insanity is in full swing. Some major figures are making an effort to defend both the Biden administration and the Taliban. One CNN reporter said that the Taliban may be chanting “Death to America” but they seem friendly. The president of Media Matters crucified those Americans who are stuck in Kabul and reached out to Republican Senator Tom Cotton for help. 

Emboldened Iran 

David Stanley via ( Flickr

The number one state sponsor of terror, Iran, has been emboldened by America’s defeat in Afghanistan. Both Saudi Arabia and Israel are raising the alarm on Iran’s recent actions. 

Iran is a major threat to peace in the Middle East, some say that the nation is a bigger threat to peace than the Taliban ever will be. This being said, the Taliban have been armed with the latest US Military equipment.

Taliban Checkpoints 

Screenshot via CBS News

The Taliban have seized control of all major roads in Kabul and this means that they control the flow of people, including military and American civilian traffic. Even if the Biden administration were to kick it into gear and join our European allies in rescuing civilians it would be extremely difficult. 

There are reports coming from the country that Taliban are refusing to let Americans pass through the checkpoints despite the promise they gave the Biden administration that they would. Some America

Journalists Targeted by Taliban 

CNN Reporter attacked by Taliban / Screenshot via CNN

The Taliban are targeting journalists in the country. A report surfaced earlier that the Taliban were hunting down journalists and that they killed a relative of a German reporter who was trapped in the county. 

Some local journalists have been beaten and robbed in their own homes. These raids go against the promise made by the Taliban that they would allow for a free press to remain after they took control of the country.


The Red Threat Rising 

China has been emboldened by this humiliating defeat even more than Iran. China has been looking for an excuse to expand its borders for a long time and its eyes have been set on Taiwan for even longer. The Chinese may now see an opportunity to take over the small island nation as the US seems to be asleep at the wheel on the international stage.