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Jim Stone

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Sounds about right for a dissident purge. This came in via a one use only mail box and appears to be legit.

The big thing I see with this is that people are going to be brought in with completely closed off semi trucks, not buses. That's the same as rail cars.

Here is the message:

I'm a contractor doing work at a major FEMA facility in eastern Montana and its time people knew what was going on out here. I signed an NDA and basically my life is over if I get caught but I am done being silent.

I know what they're doing and what they're planning because I am literally INSTALLING this shit. I've heard the numbers of people they are going to "process" and its 250, 000 PER WEEK. Not "month" or "year" WEEK. PER WEEK.

They arent ready yet and I keep hearing about "Phase 2 and 3" I dont know what that is but it sounds like something coming up. Theres also other parts of the facility I'm not allowed in, and lately they are putting up all kinds of coverings, large white sheets, 20 and 30 ft mobile "walls" that look cheap and the only purpose is to BLOCK THE VIEW of other parts.

The place is huge and was mostly warehouses and empty lots when we started work in Oct 19, now they're moving in a lot of equipment, building what seems like mobile hospitals? I mean I honestly can't tell, and doing everything they can to block the view of the contractors and workers in other parts. Anyway its all to block our view of other parts of the facility. THE HELL FOR? WHATS TO HIDE? I dont know why its so important we can't see those areas but it is.

Security also is through the roof this year, but before it was more low key. Now I'm getting searched and I have to leave my phone with security everyday, cant bring it in for work which has been a real pain in the ass because I need it. The ONLY reason I got photos is I made a big fuss about needing my phone to use the calculator, and they wanted me to just use a regular calculator and I said I didn't have one. This back and forth goes on for ten minutes and then one of the security guys brings in a calculator he had or another guy had and hands it to me and I say "Wont work, I use a more advanced one on my phone and I need it" and they bought that line, and finally they authorize that I can bring my phone in that day and that day only. They said I needed to buy a calculator if I wanted to use one in the future. So I was able to quickly snap the photos out in the area we work at the end of the day.

Next day I get searched, phone is taken away and put in a locker as usual. To get photos of the place isn't easy because the security check point is half a mile from the place but I could probably get out around the perimeter and take some photos, havent' done that yet because I don't want to get caught. They have drones buzzing around, I see them once in awhile, and I don't want to risk it anymore. All the guys I work with think the new security bullshit is ridiculous.

BY THE WAY, THERE IS NOWHERE TO PUT 250, 000 PEOPLE IN A WEEK SO WHERE ARE THEY GOING? WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH THEM? THE PLACE IS BIG BUT NOT THAT BIG. That's what we are trying to figure out. Unless there is a big underground area below us, and as far as I know there aint, then that 250, 000 is moving on somewhere else or God knows what theyre gonna do to em."

We did all this work but we're not sure what they are going to spray people with. That work seems to be handled by FEMA guys. Anyway the whole thing is set up so semi-trailers can BACK UP at the nozzles and UNLOAD people right into the spray area, then move them to other parts of the facility. we thought they might come in buses or something but a buddy I talked to said "No it's semis" and that means you're gonna have people PACKED in some huge trailer NO WINDOWS and thats fucked up."

Jim Stone

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