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Extensive Post Reveals Drills, Anomalies and Child Actors Involved With Parkland School Shooting in Florida on February 14, 2018 (N.S.F.W.)


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This particular event stands out due to all the laughing and smiling by the main students being promoted as angry anti-gun advocates by the media. It is notable that the mainstream media has quickly embraced a few specific personalities in regards to the Parkland school shooting event. Keep in mind that this is the same media that openly promotes wars overseas and even support for cloaked terrorist groups such as the White Helmets in Syria. Thus, they should always be watched with a skeptical eye as they often misreport the truth and rely on triggering an emotional response from their audience.

Information posted online by the students at Parkland and by other individuals reveals some of these children to be involved with the crafts of acting, reporting and directing movies. This post predominantly deals with material related to Cameron Kasky and David Hogg, although there is a substantial amount of material also related to other individuals who seem to be 'acting' out of character for a tragic event, plus there are links to various articles explaining censorship and conspiracy theories related to such.

Posted for Posterity (Historical Record) due to You Tube, Facebook and Twitter scrubbing this particular video.

Parkland School Shooting Personality David Hogg Can't Remember His Lines / Conversation Seems Scripted!/v/clarityofsignal/1tv1adsn

Proof of deletion by major social media organizations is here (screen caps at the link):

Red Elephants website examines the Facebook, Twitter and You Tube purge of posts providing information about David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez that doesn't fit the 'official' narrative:

Link to Daily Beast article in defense of Hogg which confirms that his father works for the FBI and he lived in California in 2014 -

Additional information related to anomalies with the Parkland shooting students who are appearing on mainstream media channels is archived at the following White Helmets Exposed link:

If the Twitter account should be locked or scrubbed, here are the images cached at the link: