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9/1/ 2016

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by Eustace Mullins  12/17/95





The recent 50th anniversary celebration of the United Nations seemed more like a wake. The largest group of world leaders ever assembled anywhere gathered in New York, one-hundred-and-seventy-nine assorted presidents, prime ministers and dictators smiled uneasily for the camera. The group photograph, to those with a knowledge of history, was eerily like the photographs of the crowned heads of Europe taken just before the outbreak of World War I, which would sweep most of them into oblivion. Only a few days after the taking of the UN anniversary photograph, one of its more illustrious attendees, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin of the State of Israel, was himself dispatched by bullets from a fellow Jewish extremist. It will be interesting to look back in the year 2000 and see how many of these persons of great power actually survived the twentieth century.


The New York United Nations assemblage had to forego the presence of its most famous creator. It was deemed inappropriate to summon him for the festivities, although he resided only a few blocks from the UN building. As a convicted perjurer who had been sent to prison for lying about his activities as an espionage agent for the USSR, Alger Hiss might have attracted unwelcome reminiscences about his checkered career. Hiss, one of three Communist agents who served as the late President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s personal advisors at the White House, is generally revered as the architect of the United Nations Conference in San Francisco in 1945 which brought the international conspiracy into being. During Hiss’ public trial, the media ignored his impressive connections with the subterranean forces of the World Order. He had been selected as president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace by General Dwight Eisenhower, later elected President of the United States, and by John Foster Dulles, who became Eisenhower’s Secretary of State. Dulles had represented the House of Rothschild at a meeting with Adolf Hitler in Cologne, Germany in 1934 which guaranteed the bankrupt Hitler funds from the Bank of England to install his newly elected Nazi government. When Hiss was indicted by the U.S.A. Government, his lawyer, serving without pay, was Helen Lehman Buttenweiser, daughter of a Lehman Brothers banker, and married to a partner of Kuhn, Loeb Co. in New York, Benjamin Buttenweiser, whose partner Jacob Schiff boasted that he had spent more than twenty million dollars of his own funds to promote the Communist Revolution in Russia. Another Kuhn, Loeb partner, Paul Warburg, had secretly authored the Federal Reserve Act in 1910 at a conspiratorial meeting in Jekyll Island, Georgia, where the event is now marked by a small brass plaque at the Jekyll Island Hotel. Buttenweiser later became Assistant High Commissioner of a defeated Germany after World War II. During Hiss’ long trial, and throughout his prison sentence, his son, Tony, was an honored guest at the million dollar Buttenweiser mansion in the East Eighties.


The fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the United Nations could hardly have come at a worse time, as the organization had reached the lowest ebb of its prestige. A war of “ethnic cleansing” has raged in the former nation of Yugoslavia for years, during which many thousands of people have been tortured andmassacred, while many thousands of survivors have endured apocalyptic conditions during mass evictions, been forced into concentration camps, and faced all the horrors of war. Many of the victims have been women and children. The United Nations has had “peacekeeping forces” stationed in the war-torn area during much of these hostilities, but their presence has been the occasion for scorn. The Washington Post on October 26, 1995 noted that at the very time of the lavish United Nations festivities in New York, “the Dutch (U.N.) peacekeepers made little effort to defend the civilian population. They were worried about their own hostages. Refugees later described how many of the Dutch were forced at gunpoint to strip to their underwear by Bosnian Serb soldiers, who then strutted around in U.N. uniforms themselves”. One refugee was quoted about the sorry spectacle. “Hassan Nuhanovic, a 27-year-old translator, said he was permitted to remain in the compound because he was employed by the United Nations. ‘I don’t under- stand it. Nobody believed that the U.N. wouldn’t protect the people,’ said Nuhanovic, who has not seen any of his family members since their tearful farewell at the gate to the U.N. compound.”


Now President Clinton has dispatched some 20,000 United States to the scenes of these massacres in a desperate effort to revive the tarnished image of the United Nations. American youths are to serve, and more than likely, to die, in the effort to rehabilitate the United Nations. Their families will be notified that they died in the service of the United Nations.


Clinton justified this act of high treason by announcing that “We must continue to bear the responsibility of the world’s leadership in Bosnia, as elsewhere. If the United States does not lead, the job will not be done.” But Clinton’s action is contrary to the expressed purpose of the United Nations, which states that all nation members must share equal responsibility. We are now witness to the discouraging spectacle of a financially bankrupt United States bearing the billion-dollar-a-day cost of maintaining peacekeeping troops in Bosnia for a morally bankrupt United Nations.


Clinton’s action comes at a time when there is a growing chorus from both liberals and conservatives that the day of the United Nations has come and gone. Nation magazine noted on Nov. 13, 1995 that Congressman Joe Scarborough of Florida had introduced a resolution on the occasion of the United Nations’ fiftieth anniversary to take the United States out of the United Nations. This has been officially catalogued as “The United Nations Withdrawal Act of 1995”. The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was quoted as having denounced the United Nations as a “rathole”. The New Republic suggested in a lead article, Oct. 30, 1995, that the United Nations “be allowed to wither away into irrelevance”. Even a staunch Clinton supporter and State Department official, Strobe Talbott, warned in an August speech that “The United Nations might very quickly join the League of Nations on the ash heap of history.”


In fact, we were relieved of the League of Nations only by the advent of the Second World War. Both the United Nations and the League of Nations were the creations of the central banks, manipulated by the House of Rothschild to cover up their financial control of the entire world. The activities in Bosnia, where both previous world wars were launched, indicate that the United Nations will indeed join the League of Nations on the ash heap of history through the convenient outbreak of the Third World War.