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Hillary Clinton Working With U.N. And OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) To Criminalize Free Speech

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The assault on our Constitution by foreign enemies, elitists, Islamists, progressives, Communists and globalists continues.


As one example among dozens and dozens of examples, Captain Paul Fields was disciplined for refusing to obey an order that violated his constitutional rights.  I'll bet you $100.00 against one penny that a Muslim police officer would not have been ordered by the Tulsa police chief to attend Christian church services and Sunday school classes.


Now read the latest attack on our freedoms below, posted recently in Jihad Watch.  The OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) continues its assault on free speech at the corrupt money grubbing United Nations through the advance of resolution Number 16/18.  This resolution, cloaked in terms such as “defamation of religion ,” is a thinly veiled attempt to criminalize speech that criticizes Islam.


But now, in an ominous development, according to a story published by the International Islamic News Agency, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has joined the effort to implement this attempt by Islamists to criminalize "defamation of religion."

Moving rapidly to criminalize telling the truth about how Islamic jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to encourage violence and supremacism. Free Speech Death Watch Alert, and an update on this story: "OIC/Islamophobia: OIC Observatory warned since 2009 against the growth of the extreme right in Europe, Washington plans to host a meeting on resolution opposing defamation of religions," from the International Islamic News Agency, August 1 (thanks to all who sent this in):

JEDDAH, Ramadan 1/Aug 1 (IINA)-During the next few months, Washington plans to host a coordination meeting to discuss with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) how to implement resolution no. 16/18 on combating defamation of religions, and how to prevent stereotypes depicting religions and their followers; as well as disseminating religious tolerance, which has been endorsed by the UN Human Rights Council last March, in agreement with Western countries. The resolution was adopted after lengthy discussions held between the OIC and countries in which the phenomenon of Islamophobia is in the rise.

The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had announced the intention of the U.S. State Department to organize a coordination meeting during her participation in the meeting which she co-chaired with the OIC Secretary General, Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu in Istanbul on 15 July 2011. The meeting issued a joint statement emphasizing the dire need for the implementation of resolution 16/18.

According to informed sources in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the two sides, in addition to other European parties, will hold a number of specialized meetings of experts in law and religion in order to finalize the legal aspect on how to better implement the UN resolution.

The sources said that the upcoming meetings aim at developing a legal basis for the UN Human Rights Council’s resolution which help in enacting domestic laws for the countries involved in the issue, as well as formulating international laws preventing inciting hatred resulting from the continued defamation of religions.

On the other hand, the OIC Secretary General, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, stressed that the crime committed recently in Norway was a result of the rise of the extreme right in Europe and its easy mobility in political circles. He said that the OIC had warned several times against of what might be called institutionalization of the phenomenon of Islamophobia through the involvement of the European extreme right in government institutions and political action....

"Is it no wonder that Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, the Castrists, the Hezbollah, the Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, the lawyers of the Guantanamo terrorists, and virtually all sworn enemies of America are thrilled by having Barack Obama in the White House?" ~ Dr. Sam Vaknin, Israeli psychologist.

OIC wants UN to develop a "legally binding institutional instrument" to muzzle free speech about Islam and jihad



For those who care about Freedom, The Constitution and the future of The U.S.; as well as those who wonder how the world arrived at this point of economic and political chaos, they may find it enlightening to read "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" by Gary Allen.

Copyright © 1971 by Gary Allenwith Larry Abraham ISBN: 0899666612















[PDF file available below]


The web site below is great as well.

mhp: None Dare Call it Conspiracy  

The plan of the international bankers to create a world socialist super-state.

-- by: Gary Allen and Larry Abraham, 1971.


Obama Betrays Another Ally: U.S. to Deny Taiwan's request, "We are so disappointed in the United States"

Obama stabs another long-time, die-hard ally in the back.

Obama's Shadow Government


New Warning About Muslim Brotherhood’s Influence on White House From…Liberal Marxist Muslim

Posted August 17, 2011 at 10:03 am by Billy Hallowell

"we now recognize that their infiltration is right up to the American White House"

Canadian political activist Tarek Fatah

Earlier this year, Robert Spencer reiterated the Obama administration’s connections with the Muslim Brotherhood.

White House, New York Times: Don't fight jihad, it will only provoke more jihad


A number of leaders of Islamic organizations were about to be indicted on terror finance support charges. But those indictments were scuttled last year at the direction of top-level political appointees within the DOJ — and possibly even the White House.

DOJ's litigation jihad against officials who dare deny massive mosque expansions

The Wall Street Journal is now writing about the Dept. of Islamic Justice’s aggressive defense of Islam and mosques across the U.S. Which appears to be official or unofficial policy at the DOJ.

If U.S. attorney’s and the DOJ (Department of Jihad) would indict terror-linked Muslim groups like CAIR and ISNA rather than partnering with them, and writing op-eds, the U.S. would be much safer. via Ohio’s Muslim, Arab neighbors: Steven M. Dettelbach |

Where was Eric Holder and the DOJ when Muslims threatened those who opposed the mosque forcing around the clock police protection in the once quiet area? By the way, the Lilburn mosque is a replica of a shrine to a Muslim holy warrior in Iraq (where more than 4,000 U.S. soldiers have been killed).

After DOJ Threats, Controversial Georgia Mosque Wins Approval

August 18, 2011 by creeping

Predictable. The voice of the people are no longer relevant.

A controversial, 20,000-square-foot Muslim worship center won approval Tuesday by city council members in Georgia. The Lilburn City Council approved a Muslim congregation’s request to construct the center after two years of contentious debate.

And you never had a chance Owen, especially not after Obama sent Holder to ensure the mosque expansion was approved.

Many previous posts on Lilburn’s litigation and zoning jihad, fully backed by the Dept. of Islamic Jihad inJustice, here.

via Controversial Georgia Mosque Wins Approval |

Diana West: When ‘Muslim Outreach’ Handcuffs National Security

For some years now, there have been a few voices sounding the alarm on “Muslim outreach” — the intensive engagement the US government entered into post 9/11 with a rogue’s gallery of Imam Flim Flams and Muslim taqiyya artists that has subverted our nation’s response to jihad, violent and stealthy, to spread the rule of [...]

Continue Reading → .


10 Failures of the US Government on the Domestic Islamist Threat

By Patrick Poole, Center for Security Policy

Center releases Team 'B' II report: Shariah: The Threat to America

Shariah: The Threat to America

Stakelbeck on Terror: The Shariah Threat to America


Shariah vs. the Constitution: A Panel Discussion

The Center for Security Policy, the 7th Amendment Advocate and The Legal Project of the Middle East Forum presented a discussion on Capitol Hill entitled, "Shariah vs. the Constitution."
From: securefreedom  | Jul 31, 2011
The Center for Security Policy's general counsel, David Yerushalmi, is interviewed by the New York Times about the American Public Policy Alliance and "American Laws for American Courts."


The American Public Policy Alliance (APPA), a non-partisan advocacy organization dedicated to protecting U.S. constitutional rights, safeguarding U.S. sovereignty and promoting government transparency and accountability, is working with legislators nationwide on policies and initiatives.


For more information about APPA, go to


Video originally posted here:

... (more info)  
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Imam charged with sexual assault

By ASSOCIATED PRESS, Published: Aug 17, 2011

TORONTO: Police have charged an imam at a Toronto mosque with 13 counts of sexual assault and say there may be more victims in other countries.

Det. Karen Armstrong said Wednesday Mohammad Masroor, 48, abused his position of authority when he taught at the Baitul Mukarram Islamic Society and in private homes in Toronto since arriving in Canada in 2008. Armstrong says Masroor also worked and lived in France, Germany, Bangladesh, Hungary, Singapore, Sri Lanka and most recently in Florida and Michigan in the United States.

Armstrong says they are appealing to the public to assist in finding other victims. She says the charges involve five victims both male and female and that the investigation is ongoing.


Farrakhan says Fort Hood jihad murderer not a terrorist, just a good Muslim driven crazy by U.S. atrocities

He said it. "Hate Preached In Harlem: Nation of Islam Leader Farrakhan Says Fort Hood Shooter Is Not a Terrorist Just a Good Muslim Who Was Driven Crazy by the Terrorist American Soldiers Who Rape Muslim Men, Women & Families"  (August 17, 2011).
Obama Administration Grants De Facto Amnesty to Many Illegal ...

By ALICIA A. CALDWELL, Associated Press, Friday, August 19, 2011


U.S. Military Loses $360 Million To Afghanistan Insurgents, Criminals

Us Troops Afghanistan

First Posted: 8/16/11, Updated: 8/17/11

WASHINGTON -- After examining hundreds of combat support and reconstruction contracts in Afghanistan, the U.S. military estimates $360 million in U.S. tax dollars has ended up in the hands of people the American-led coalition has spent nearly a decade battling: the Taliban, criminals, and power brokers with ties to both (read full article at the link below).

Obama's Corruption Eruption

Obama: Let Them Eat Cake!

Stupid, Corrupt, Broken, Incompetent U.S. Government - Gov. mints coins that nobody uses.
August 18, 2011


By Nicholas Ballasy, CNSNEWS.COM, Thursday, 18 August 2011


The choice: Independence or slavery



The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) Threats to Freedom Index

"The AFDI Threats to Freedom Index" at Big Government, August 15, 2011 unveils a new initiative that list the organizations that represent the largest threats to freedom in America today.

Freedom is more embattled in America today than ever.  The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), has begun tracking the activities of numerous active groups that are threats to freedom in the United States today on it's new Threats to Freedom Index.


The Myth of Islamophobia within the UN and the 'New Jews"

[Excerpt Video Description:  "Much to the dismay of people in actual need of human rights protection, the UN's Human Rights Council have been hijacked by the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) -- an organization of 56 Muslim countries who use Islamophobia to justify terrorism, while undermining the fight for human rights in Muslim countries and making sure Muslim countries and Islam will always be above criticism while of course blaming all the ills and injustice in the world on the western non-Muslim world and particularly the United States and Israel."]

Hudson Institute via


Muslims Are The New Jews

Repression in Muslim Countries

A new study on hate crimes, based on FBI statistics, debunks the myth of a growing trend in Muslim victimization.

Muslims Who Attempt to Reform Islam and It's Unremitting Bigotry, Irrational Rituals, Draconian Punitive Measures, Violence, Illiteracy, Poverty, Corruption and Tyranny Are Targeted for Annihilation

We challenge Muslims to debate on these assertions:

  • We assert that Islam is not a religion of peace, but is founded on war, violence, terrorism, hate and injustice.
  • We affirm that Islam is a false religion.
  • We conclude that Islam is responsible for rampant corruption, widespread misrule, implausible tyranny, mindless terrorism, unrelenting violence and pervasive social injustice in the Muslim world.

To learn more about why many Muslims have left Islam, please read these testimonies:

  1. My Journey to Freedom - M. A. Khan

  2. Why I left Islam - Ali Sina

  3. Making of an Unbeliever - Abul Kasem

Visit our Leaving Islam page for more testimonies.

Founders & members:

  • M. A. Khan (USA, Editor)
  • Abul Kasem (Australia)
  • Dr. Ali Sina (USA)
  • M. A. Hussain (Australia)
  • Sher Khan (USA)
  • Syed Kamran Mirza (USA)
  • Mumin Salih (UK)

The Truth About Islam

Islam is a government, judicial system, financial system, military code and uncivilized barbaric culture.  It contradicts and violates the very principles which form the foundations of the true religions of the world.  Islam is a fraud.  It teaches dishonesty, theft, greed, discrimination, oppression, hatred, belligerence and violence.  It is incompatible with every law and belief system on earth which is not Islamic and Sharia.  It doesn't qualify as a legitimate theological belief system because it provides no positive benefit for humanity.  The purpose of Islam is only found in the perpetuation of Islam.  It literally has no higher purpose than to spread Islam.

In Islam, God's will is defined both as the rules of Islam for humanity and as everything else that happens in reality.  God's will literally controls everything and God employs evil as part of his work.  Islam consistently reduces God's will to simple brute determinism.  Plus, since everything is immediately and ultimately predetermined by God, there is no free will for mankind.  Furthermore, within Islam there is no differentiation between good and evil, because everything is God's will.  Individuals simply have no choices to make for themselves.  Therefore, according to Islamic thought, everyone can do as they wish and blame everything on God.  Besides, if they get caught, its perfectly acceptable to lie about it.  Its fine to always deny one's guilt.

Islam is an archaic, irresponsible, unjust, illogical, procrustean ideology which should have been eradicated from the face of the earth centuries ago.  It sacrifices human beings on the alter to itself; and offers no other purpose than serving as a license for those who are inclined to commit immoral and evil deeds for their own pious self-serving pleasure or benefit.


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