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This State Just SURRENDERED to Islamic Sharia Law. What Is Your Response?

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Sharia law could be coming to a neighborhood near you soon, Patriots!

Our politicians still do not understand the dangers of Sharia law, and they are scared to speak out against it because of our leftist culture. Montana’s anti-American governor, Steve Bullock, vetoed a bill that would have banned Sharia law. (via US News)

While vetoing this heroic bill, Gov. Bullock commented, “There is absolutely no need for this bill,” adding that there would be a “nationwide surge in hate crime” if it passed. This is just awful. This governor clearly does not understand Sharia law. A rise in hate crime is minor compared to the consequences of allowing Sharia law to be normalized in our culture.

Sharia law is applied differently in every Islamic country, but it is essentially an Islamic legal system that regulates public and private behavior, as well as beliefs. Sharia law is extremely dangerous, especially if you are homosexual or a woman. Let’s explore some of the awful punishments tied to Sharia law.

First, theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand, so if you are a thief, you better pray you are left-handed. Wow! That’s extreme. But it doesn’t stop there, patriots. If you are currently a practicing Muslim, and you decide to leave this religion, then you will be put to death. (via Billion Bibles)

There are also a dizzying amount of scary social norms, and degrading women is commonplace. For example, marrying a 9-year-old is considered okay, and a man can take four wives. If any of those four wives act up, then under Sharia law, the husband can beat them! A raped woman is not even allowed to testify against her attacker in court.

It is unbelievable to think that Montana’s so-called governor is okay with this nonsense. The blood of our fellow patriots will be on his hands. This coward is merely trying to avoid a leftist character assassination. This is so sad.

How have we gotten to this point? Where was Sharia law ten years ago? For the past eight years, we have seen a surge in Sharia law. I guess this is just another achievement of the Obama administration. The leftists and their tolerance will stop at nothing to dismantle our culture. Sharia law even encourages Muslims to engage in “Taqiyya,” or to lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam. It looks like the leftists are both stupid AND gullible.

This is more than troubling; this is horrifying. We need to call on our politicians to prevent Sharia law from taking over our country. We have a legal system in our country, and in our legal system, we have something called the 8th Amendment of our great Constitution, which prevents cruel and unusual punishment.

I remember not too long ago we had a candidate for the presidency named Hillary Clinton, who actively supported Sharia law. That would-be president was committed to advancing a legal system that tortures and abuses women. How ironic. Of course, the mainstream media defended her, and even hid the truth from us, but we know better.

We cannot allow Sharia law to take over our country. We are a nation of laws. We keep our religion separate from our legal system. We are not a theocracy; we are a democracy.

Dear Patriots: please share this story. We cannot allow this governor’s actions to go unnoticed. He has sold out our people, and he has undermined our great legal system. We need to hold this man accountable.

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