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Why Should States That Protect Illegal Immigrants Be Rewarded With More Political Power?

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"Despite what we hear constantly, the battle over the Continuing Resolution to fund our government was all about money and power not about a wall."  It's all about head count and resisting the attempt by the US Census Bureau to add a citizenship question. Little noticed is the attempt to remove the question being included in budget negotiations. Why this is so important to the politicians is a pending Alabama lawsuit.  Alabama is arguing that by including illegal immigrants in its count of the population, the Census Bureau deprives the state – and other states with low numbers of illegal immigrants – of representation in the U.S. House of Representatives, as well as votes in the Electoral College.

After every census, House seats and Electoral College votes are reapportioned according to the population of each state. If politicians are successful in removing the citizenship questions, Alabama's lawsuit becomes mute because no data would be available for re-apportionment until after 2030.

California currently has 53 Representatives in the House and 55 Electoral votes. With an estimated population of 39.5 million, which includes over 2.6M undocumented and over 3.1M “other” immigrants; H-x, L-x, and F-x programs, California would loose a minimum 5 seats.

Applying reapportionment using citizens only, high immigrant states would loose 8-10% of their seats in the House and Electoral votes. Politicians enjoy money from business benefiting from immigrants. Level the playing field for Americans and the money goes away or maybe they get re-apportioned right out of a job. President Trump's stated goal is to drain the swamp. These swamp creatures on both sides of the aisle need to be exposed by the media so to voters can decide based on the truth.

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