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Reality Trumps Trendy Beliefs About Immigration

Tim Kirby

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Reality Trumps Trendy Beliefs About Immigration

by Tim Kirby

April 27th 2019

Despite the fact that Trump’s ‘sanctuary city” plan is nothing more than a Twitter statement, it is important to analyze why the Left exploded in media anger at Trump theoretically giving them exactly what they wanted.

When one proudly is in charge of a so-called “Sanctuary City” you would think that news of getting thousands of illegal immigrants dumped onto your doorstep would be a joyful occasion. You asked for it and you go it, hooray! But when Trump is the orange Santa Claus bringing these presents, all of a sudden the sanctuaries seem too full or too impractical to take them. But, is this sudden change of heart a question of just political bickering or is there more of a reason behind this?

Trump using his #1 means of public discourse Twitter recently let off some loud steam in regards to the Democrats being unwilling to allow the detention of illegals for more than 20 days.

“Due to the fact that Democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws, we are indeed, as reported, giving strong considerations to placing Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only….”

He continued in the next tweet by saying…“….The Radical Left always seems to have an Open Borders, Open Arms policy – so this should make them very happy!”

The Washington Post and CNN tried to frame this threat of action as some sort of retaliation, which it honestly is. Planning to use I.C.E. to specifically punish those who disagree with the President via use of illegals would sound like a wild conspiracy if not for the fact that this was openly released to the public. One could see how the “Radical Left” as Trump put it would be possibly enraged by the method of using threats, but surprisingly they are also enraged at the means to execute them.

They declare that the plan “makes no sense” and that they “do not want open borders”, which are out and out lies. The idea of forcing someone to put their money where their mouth is regarding ideological positions makes perfect sense. When speaking about “open borders” this concept comes from a Liberal position which few Republicans seem to support. Someone is pushing for a world without borders and it sure isn’t Conservatives or Traditionalists.

Despite the fact that this Trump plan is nothing more than a Twitter statement, which since has not gotten any further traction, and Trump has pretty much backed down from, it is important to analyze why the Left exploded in media anger at Trump theoretically giving them exactly what they wanted.

The possible reasons for this are as follows…

1) Trump said it so it is bad:

The “Orange Man Bad” meme exists for a reason. Trump via his campaign and media persona have become so hated by the Liberal/Left that anything he does seems to be inherently bad to them. Although the term “Orwellian” has become a cliche almost to the level of calling anyone you don’t like a “Nazi” in this instance it is very accurate. The primitive level of discourse between the Right and Left is becoming so crude that the troglodytes in the media and government must boo everything from party B and applaud everything from party A. The simplest answer as to why the media exploded from Trump’s declaration is simply a growing Orwellian mentality that reacts to anything the President does negatively because it must do so.

2) A logical political position may not actually be what we want:

Very often our political views are built on a framework of logic that we ourselves may not even see. If we believe that X is true then that means that we must believe in policy Y, which justifies us to then view law Z as either good or bad. The position of wanting open borders and sanctuary cities more often than not is based upon some sort of Cultural Masochistic/Cultural Marxist worldview, that the migrants are victims who need help and that everyone should have the right to live a good life in the inherently wealthy West. The position of wanting to let poor migrants into your country sounds noble and makes the person who believes in this position feel morally superior to the troglodytes who like borders and humanity divided. The problem arises when this abstract belief based on a certain stream of logic goes from the abstract to face-to-face reality.

This is much like how many Liberal woman may believe that a man in a dress can use their bathroom. Ideologically many people believe that if you declare yourself a woman you can be a woman, or dog, or whatever, but when push comes to shove and there are men in the women’s room the reality of being surrounded by dudes as they pee quickly shatters the logical structure on which this belief is built. And the women change their opinions. The exact same goes for immigrants.

Most bourgeois Liberals are terrified of people who are not like them and would never actually go live with us commoners – feel sorry for us “yes”, but live with them “no”. The idea of sanctuary cities sounds caring and Liberal and logical but the idea of living in a city filled with people from other countries with a scary outward appearance, who may steal your iPhone to the Left is a nightmare.

This is why celebrities like Cher will declare that they will take in immigrants into their very homes but never actually open the front gate and let them in. For these cosmopolitan Liberals their position is moral and logical until reality slaps them in the face and shows them that living next to Jose, Ivan and Habib, actually repulses them and this is what happened when Trump made his Twitter declaration.

A call for contemplation:

In closing it is probably most likely that the reality of this situation is a combination of the two possibilities written above but the important thing to take away from this article is that we can all fall into the trap of having logical but ultimately impractical political positions that we do not actually believe in when reality comes knocking. We all need to reflect more on our views and put them to the test at the very least in our own minds, lest we become like the horrible irrational hypocrites in Hollywood and the Mainstream Media.