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Tucker Reveals That Jews are the Real Donald Trumps

Andrew Anglin

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Well I’ll be gosh-darned.

Tucker Carlson had an Israeli Jew on and compared the physical, real-life wall in Israel to President Trump’s theoretical wall.

He started by going through the Democrats claims about “walls, generally,” including showing a clip where CNN said that walls are “an attack on the human heart.”

He showed them saying that “walls don’t work,” showed a clip of Chuck Schumer, a Jewish Israel-supporter, and said it flat-out: “what about Israel?”

“Are Israel’s walls immoral?” he asked, “well by Nancy Pelosi’s standard, they would be.”

He then went through the weak defenses that American Jews give for why a wall in Israel is an exception to the immortal rules of “walls are evil” and “walls don’t work” – which basically amounts to: “it’s a categorically different situation because Moslems are probably more violent than latinos.”

Then he brought in David Rubin, the Israeli Jew former mayor of Shiloh, Israel, and asked him for his thoughts.

Like a lot of Jews, he is a pro-Trump Jew, so he argued in favor of Trump’s wall, basically saying that his wall works and ours would too.

He didn’t talk about Hamas and terrorism. That is on the borders with Palestine. Instead, he focuses on Israel’s other wall – their new wall on the Egyptian border, which they erected following Merkel’s migrant flood in 2015.

Rubin talks exclusively about illegal African immigrants sneaking into Israel and committing rape and other violent crime – the exact same thing that Latinos do to us.

To be clear: this wall has nothing at all to do with terrorism. There are no “terrorist attacks” coming from Egypt. Those are all coming from Palestine (and at some points Lebanon), which are different borders.

This is very simple:

He said that 55,000 illegals crossed the southern border of Israel in 2015, then when the wall was completed in 2016 it was down to eleven, then when they raised the height of the wall it was zero in 2017.

“Now, no one is complaining,” Rubin said. “Everyone is happy that we don’t have illegal immigration into Israel.”


Jews are the real Donald Trumps.