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 Whittle Away: The lead migrant caravan from Central American currently traveling through southern Mexico appears to be dwindling in numbers, thanks in large part to the efforts of our neighbor to the south.


As Fox News reports, the lead caravan has dropped to around 4,000 people and is currently stalled because the Mexican government refuses to provide them with buses so they can be transported more quickly to the U.S. border.

That and a combination of other things has many dejected and ready to go back home.


Thousands have applied for and received asylum in Mexico under a program offered them by the government that includes housing, jobs, education, and other benefits. Thousands more, however, have refused the offer.

Fox News reports:

The setback comes days after caravan leaders asked for “safe and dignified” transport to Mexico City, a checkpoint along the way for a group that has been dwindling in size as members either apply for protected status in Mexico or drop out over fatigue exacerbated by the sweltering weather conditions they have been facing.

“The attempt to travel by bus failed,” caravan coordinator Walter Cuello told the Associated Press Wednesday night.

It has been a tumultuous journey so far for the leading caravan, which is now estimated to contain around 4,000 people – down from a peak of more than 7,000.

“Of the friends that I have been with, all want to go back,” Hasiel Isamar Hernandez, a 28-year-old mother of three from Honduras, told the Associated Press several days ago.