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ALERT: UN Makes Horrifying Move Against Trump, They Went Too Far

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At the tail end of the former administration, former President Obama signed one global compact with the UN that could have devastating consequences — and it is scheduled to go into effect in just a few months.

At the first Summit for Refugees and Migrants in September 2016, the UN General Assembly voted to implement the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants in 2018, which would “develop a global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration.” However, in doing so, the agreement undermines immigration laws and national sovereignty over immigration for all countries involved.

As the compact’s implementation nears, it’s time to revisit what the implications are of the agreement heralded by the former president.

The compact was designed to protect refugees and migrants, as well as develop further solutions for what was regarded as as “humanitarian crisis.”

The UN stated that the compact “would set out a range of principles, commitments and understandings among Member States regarding international migration in all its dimensions [and] deal with all aspects of international migration, including the humanitarian, developmental, human rights-related and other aspects of migration.”

In Paragraph 33 of the compact, the UN “will consider reviewing policies that criminalize cross-border movements,” and “will pursue alternatives to detention while these assessments are under way.” This would directly override US immigration law, removing the threat of criminal consequences that deter illegal entry, as well as the capture and detention policies that allow the US to deport criminal illegal immigrants. Removing or restricting these measures — these deterrents to illegal entry — will encourage more illegal entry.

In Paragraph 57, the UN states that it will “pay particular attention to the application of minimum labor standards for migrant workers regardless of their status.” This stands wildly inconsistent with the immigration and employment laws in the US that make it illegal to hire unauthorized illegal immigrants. If the UN implements migrant worker standards that supersede US law, there will be nothing to prevent illegal immigrants from claiming jobs without authorization or consequence.

Paragraph 58 of the pact is said to encourage the re-entry of “migrants who do not have permission to stay preferably on a voluntary basis, taking into account national legislation in line with international law.” Whereas US immigration officials have authority to remove illegal immigrants, this pact grants illegal immigrants the privilege of voluntarily departing and returning.