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Nancy Pelosi Lost Her Mind And Itís The Strangest Moment You Will Ever See

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It was a scene that shocked political observers.

Nancy Pelosi lost her cool and her mind.

And now everyone is saying the unthinkable.

Nancy Pelosi was riding high.

She believed she had pulled a fast one on Donald Trump with her scheme to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.

But it was Trump who was really one step ahead.

He announced that there was no deal; that there would be no citizenship for the so-called “DREAMers”, and that any deal would have to end chain migration which would slam the breaks on a flood of illegal aliens storming into the country in hopes of future amnesty.

So when Nancy Pelosi held her weekly press conference, she was confronted with a scene she never imagined.

Unhinged illegal aliens – who claimed to be “DREAMers” – stormed the stage and screamed “Liar!” in her face.

Pelosi was shaken and clearly frazzled.