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Whaling is Cruel and Unncessary. Help Ban Commercial Whaling in 2007!

Robin E., Care 2 Action Alerts

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, often causing these intelligent animals to suffer for up to an hour or more. In addition, only a very few countries eat the meat that is now left to rot. Much of the meat is warehoused indefinitely and even used for dogfood. Please donate today to help end this needless destruction.

Recently, anti-whaling voices have begun to lose their leadership role at the International Whaling Commission (the body that regulates whaling). At the same time, pro-whaling nations have begun to escalate their annual whale slaughter programs, and Iceland resumed its commercial whaling program that had been shut down for over two decades.

This year is a very important year for whales. Help stop brutal whaling by donating today:

This May, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) is meeting in Anchorage, Alaska - the first time in U.S. territory since 1989. There is no better time to dampen the pro-whaling agenda than now, while the IWC is meeting on our turf.

How can you help end inhumane and unnecessary whaling? Donate to Humane Society International (HSI) today!

Some of the many reasons HSI advocates completely banning commercial whaling around the world include:

There is no humane way to kill whales. They are sentient, intelligent mammals, and they may suffer horrible and often prolonged deaths due to the brutal killing methods used;

There are so many other threats against whales now (global warming, ship strikes, pollution, sonar/noise issues, etc.) that a resumption of whaling could tip them toward extinction; and

Modern society no longer needs whale bone, blubber, meat, or oil.

HSI has worked to end whaling since 1973. Their campaign, Save Whales - Not Whaling, educates governments around the world about the threat that commercial whaling poses to whale populations, encourages trade sanctions against governments that continue their whaling activities, and advocates for the creation of whale sanctuaries where whales can breed, feed, and calve away from human predators.

With your help, HSI will continue its work to ban commercial whaling this year. A complete ban would stop the constant battles and loopholes that permit some countries to brutally kill these intelligent creatures. Please donate to help save whale populations around the world:

With gratitude,

Robyn E.

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