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FULFORD: June 19, 2021 The Removal From Power of Benjamin Netanyahu is a Game Changer [FULL Report]

Benjamin Fulford

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The formal removal from power of Israeli Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a geopolitical game-changer.  Netanyahu’s departure means the messianic Zionist fanatics who want to kill 90% of humanity and rule the survivors from a greater Israel have lost.

“This is momentous to counter KM (Khazarian Mafia) geopolitics,” MI6 sources say.  Netanyahu is being taken into protective custody so that he can sing about his hidden controllers before he is killed and silenced, they add.  Mossad sources insist the real Netanyahu is long gone and what we are seeing is a clone.  However, the MI6 version of events is more in line with what most of us understand as reality.

In any case, some recent news items show how big a change is coming to the Middle East.  Just before Netanyahu was ousted the Mossad linked site DEBKA posted the following:

“Iran’s nuclear breakout may soon be a matter of weeks.  This assessment by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday, June 8th, confronts the incoming Bennett-Lapid government with its first major challenge – indeed the most ominous test that has faced any past Israeli government.”

Do these idiots actually believe anybody listens to them anymore after repeating this weekly for over 30 years?

Now instead we see the Israeli colony of Saudi Arabia trying to make peace with Syria and Iran.

The Russians, for their part, know full well that “Hamas and IS were created by Israeli intel and all their leaders are working for ‘Mossada.’” This is the sort of behavior that prompted a collective decision by the world’s military to tell Israel to “stop or else.”

What has now happened is that the people of Israel decided they did not want to go through another Mossada-like collective suicide.

In any case, Russian FSB, MI6, Mossad, and CIA sources all agree that humanity faces a common enemy in the form of the Khazarian Mafia (KM).  The KM members are now circling their wagons around their G7 slave civilian governments, NATO, and the banksters in Switzerland.

When an FSB source asked if the White Dragon Society was going to hit Geneva, Switzerland with a nuclear strike in order to take out the KM’s Octagon politburo, they were told the WDS “have decided…


that pinpoint surgery is the way to go.”  To this, the FSB replied their analysis of the KM was that “the total top management is 2,500 people and at the very top are 200.”  These people are now being actively hunted by MI6, the FSB, the CIA, and Asian secret societies.

To understand what kind of people we are dealing with we have been given a report by MI6 that former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair’s doctor operated to repair vaginal damage he did to his daughter by repeatedly raping her.  Meanwhile, Chief Cabinet Secretary Simon Case has been taking children from a certain hospital, raping them, and killing them.

That is why death warrants have been issued for these people, they say.

However, MI6 sources say that if push comes to shove “better millions dead than billions, that is how the real world we live and work in is… and it’s not for the faint-hearted.”

This is no exaggeration.  Top-level military and agency personnel have taken action after receiving scientific proof the vaccines being pushed on much of the global population are highly toxic.  That is why suddenly the pandemic and vaccines are vanishing from public discourse.  In a sign of this, some corporate media have started to refer to Covid-19 by its traditional name “the common cold.”

Despite this, the G7 slave governments issued a communiqué last weekend where they promised “starting immediately, to vaccinate the world…providing for one billion doses over the next year.”  They added that “ending the pandemic in 2022 will require vaccinating at least 60 percent of the global population.” In other words, they are still bent on genocide.

Fortunately, the G7 is increasingly irrelevant.  They accounted for 80% of world GDP when they were founded in 1976 but now, on a real purchasing power parity basis they account for more like 20%.  This did not stop them from promising $40 trillion, way more than their collective GDP, to “fix global infrastructure.”  Needless to say, the $40 trillion is just a giant fiat hallucination.

“Few still remember how our societies and economies were threatened by high inflation 50 years ago,” David Folkerts-Landau, Deutsche Bank chief economist and head of research, wrote in a paper co-written by his colleagues Jim Reid and Peter Hooper.”

The most basic laws of economics, the ones that have stood the test of time over a millennium, have not been suspended.  Explosive growth in debt-financed largely by central banks is likely to lead to higher inflation.”  In other words, there is such a thing known as reality and the fiat bankers have bumped into it.

There was also weird talk in the G7 communiqué about “action to decarbonize areas such as iron and steel, cement, chemicals, and petrochemicals,” as well as “decarbonized mobility including buses, trains, shipping, and aviation.”  With all these weird reports about vaccinated people becoming like magnets, it makes one wonder if, as the Gnostic Illuminati say, the G7 works for a rogue artificial intelligence that also wants to “decarbonize” humans.  In other words, it is working towards a shift from carbon-based life (like us) to silicon-based life.

In any case, “the Military were all watching the G7 summit and laughing,” MI6 promises.  They say the Rothschilds are bankrupt because of lawsuits related to Libor manipulation.  Now, this satanic family is “now desperately clinging to power using their poor cousins the Rockefellers.”

The fake Biden regime has shown itself to be a Rockefeller proxy by brazenly promoting their business interests.  That is why they cut off the Keystone pipeline as the first order of business for their bogus regime.  Also, if you look at their so-called “Three Seas Initiative,” you will see it consists of building ports and pipelines, etc., to allow European countries to import expensive Rockefeller LNG, oil, etc.