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John Kamknski

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The wolf you know is at the door

To realize the threat and not talk about it makes you a party  to their crime

their crimes

By John Kaminski

Given the large number of perceptive people I know personally — or the much larger number of people I read on the Internet who have for years diligently reported on the scams and crimes that continue to diminish our quality of life — many of them know what the absolutely No. 1 problem in the world is and has been for at least the last century, but relatively few of them are actually willing to talk about it.

Why? Because they’re afraid their lives will be ruined — or ended!

And as a result, their efforts to liberate the population from ignorance and exploitation are ultimately worthless, because if you don’t get to the original source of a problem you will never be able to fix it.

If you’re a doctor who has discovered that a molecule that causes cancer has been deliberately inserted into many vaccines that the government says are safe, you could easily lose your life, as so many already have.

If you’re good with numbers and a diligent researcher, you could easily discover that there is no valid law mandating that you must pay your income taxes, unless you live in the District of Columbia or certain U.S. territories. Write a book about that and you are certain to go to jail, regardless of whether or not you are right.

And, if you’re a farmer who has been grazing your livestock on federal land and have been doing so for years before it was appropriated by the government, if you stand up for your rights, they might ambush you on the highway, or try to put in jail for 100 years, as they are attempting to do now.

We clearly see the blame for all these affronts to human decency and liberty as big government controlled by big business, but what we don’t readily see is the influence behind the scenes that has turned our government into a killing machine that has no regard for the individual citizens who attempt to support it.

As an example, I talked with the operator of a progressive website today and recommended he add a Holocaust module to his offering. I could imagine him shrugging at the other end of the line when he responded that everybody knew the Holocaust was a hoax so there was no sense belaboring the point.

I didn’t get a chance to tell him that most assuredly most people still believe the Jewish version of the Holocaust story, given the avalanche of propaganda that has deluged the airwaves and print media for the past five decades. When you try to bring up the subject in “polite company”, most turn away, and others shun you in the future.

As another example, I communicate with several hundred people by emails and have for the better part of 15 years. There was a doctor from Houston who still sends out all sorts of relevant emails, some occasionally even about the depredations of Israel. When I tried to engage him about the social manipulations of Jews throughout the 20th century that have turned America into a shriveled landfill, he cut me off and I haven’t heard from him since. He said he’d worked with many Jewish doctors throughout his career and among them were the finest people he ever met.

There was no telling him Jews have ruined America and their next target was the world.

Perhaps the one that hurt the most was someone I had know for the better part of a decade, who produced one of the best movies about 9/11. I tried to convince her to put a Jewish angle in the film — because Jews had assuredly played a major role in the colossal crime. She didn’t, but got sued by a Jew anyway over a minor aspect of the film. 

More recently, I asked her why she didn’t pursue crimes involving Jews, and she replied she didn’t dare because of her nationality, which was South Asian, made her a target of the the Jews. So she continues a brilliant career, explaining many troubling social events, without ever coming too close to the Jews, whom she believes would be willing to harm her.

So this is what we have. Many of the most fertile minds now revealing their brilliant deductions on the Web are absolutely terrified about ever mentioning Jews, even though Jews are the central characters in the mysteries they are trying to solve and the crimes they are trying to expose.

9/11, of course, is the classic modern example. With Jewish moguls finagling the leasing of the World Trade Center and adding a stipulation about terrorists that maximized their insurance policies, with Jewish law enforcement officials first sequestering and then releasing suspected Jewish terrorists, and with Jewish White House officials masterminding the coverup of the greatest crime in American history, all these pretentious 9/11 “skeptics” who insisted those who investigated this atrocity and insisted Jews or Israel should never be mentioned were and are actually complicit in this horrific crime by keeping relevant information from the American people.

But Jewish manipulation of political events is not exactly rare in 20th century history. In fact, that period of time known as the American century would better be called the Jewish century because the Jews went from penniless Russian immigrants onto the streets of New York in the late 1800s to Jews dominating all social classes in the early 2000s, as a result of their taking control of the U.S. political apparatus, resulting from then grabbing control U.S. finances in 1913 after staging a series of bank runs and then solving it with the greatest crime of any and all centuries, which was the creation of the Federal Reserve system, which destroys all possibilities of Americans being able to control their own money, which is the only nail really necessary in the coffin of our freedom.

Because the false 9/11 narrative now occupies a dominant position in the lexicon of the American mind, the dominant mainstream level of thought perpetuates this malignant fiction of Arab terrorists. The more recent invasion of Europe by Middle Eastern and North African refugees verifies the Islamic fear campaign, but as with both events, the architect and producer of these world-shaking disturbances have been Jews, safely ensconced in their opulent suburban fortresses, continuing to hire crisis actors to act out terror incidents that range from shooting up your local school to hiring body doubles for faltering presidential candidates.

Who would have guessed that depopulating Libya and Syria would lead to the entire destabilization of Europe? It’s hard to tell which was the plan and which was the accident when the Jewish-controlled Western powers decided to get rid of Assad.

Though Russia puts up a brave front, there really is nobody in the world who can stand up to the U.S. militarily, but as soon as the next peacenik gook who is elected president lets down our guard, it is a reasonable assumption that the rest of the world will jump all over us and pick our carcass thoroughly. This is the world’s foremost Catch-22, akin to burning down the village in order to save it.

We must be prepared to fight in order not to fight. What could possibly go wrong?

The only people you can trust are the ones who speak of Jews openly, who know about their centuries-old reputation for raising interest rates until the population gets fed up with them and throws them out, as Spain and 102 other countries states and city-states did during the past one thousand years.

Always for the same crime. Loansharking. And the pauperization of the entire country. The blueprint is written in the story of Joseph and Egypt, taking the pharaoh’s money and enslaving his subjects. But with the Jews in control of the media in each generation, the stories are forgotten, ridiculed or downright changed, leaving the tribe of Mammon free to run their scams from here to eternity.

One other thing: you won’t find forthright stories like this on the usual news outlets that chatter about professional athletes or popular music groups making thousands of dollars per minute for their petulant and irrelevant actions. By comparison, providers of politically incorrect information of genuine value to your health and well being struggle to survive on pittances of pennies. May I respectfully suggest you try to support them before your freedom and liberty are gone forever.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.