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NSA agent: Israel attacked USS Liberty to hide the truth from Washington


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Jan. 8, 2014

The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, which killed 34 sailors, wounded 171 other crew members, and severely damaged the ship, was no accident. It was a deliberate act of murder executed by Washington’s key ally in the Middle East.

For years, the Israeli and US governments have lied to the relatives of the murdered and wounded crew of the USS Liberty and to the American people, without whose hard-earned tax money Israel would not be the criminal, arrogant aggressor state that it is today.

However, according to a former signals intelligence analyst of the US National Security Agency (NSA), the Israeli combined air and sea attack on the USS Liberty, which took place on 8 June 1967, was a premeditated act carried out because the Israelis “didn’t want the US to know what they were up to in the Sinai before they invaded Egypt”.

The analysis, Bill Scannell, was speaking at the Chaos Communications Congress in Hamburg in December 2014. His remarks about Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty can be viewed 18 minutes, 20 seconds into the above video.