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Suspect in International ORgan Trafficking Ring Testifies Israeli Government Financed Transplants

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A retired Israeli army officer under arrest on suspicion of participating in an international organ trafficking scheme testified before a Brazilian court that the Israeli government financed organ transplants, the daily O Globo reported.

In South Africa, where the transplants were performed, police arrested an elderly physician and a regional transplant coordinator for a private hospital group for their involvement in the Israeli-led organ trafficking ring that was uncovered last December. The scheme involved donors from Brazil, and transplants performed in South Africa for patients from a variety of countries. (Transplant News, December 15, 2003)

The retired army officer, Geldaya Tauber Gady told a court in Brazil that Israel financed organ transplants in other countries, mainly South Africa, through its national health service. "The Israeli government is aware of the traffic in organs for patients in its country and pays for all transactions through 4 health plans," O Globo quoted Gady as telling the court.

"I never thought the Israeli government was financing anything illegal," Gady said. "I was only helping people in need. The people who are selling kidneys are in dire straits and living in nauseating conditions. There are many parties concerned. There are over 100 of them."

He said the transplants were performed in a hospital in Durban, South Africa, on Israeli, Iranian and American recipients using organs from Brazilian, Russian and Romanian donors.

The ongoing investigation by South African police resulted in the arrest of 71-year-old physician Jeff Kallmeyer, MD, and 29-year-old Lindy Dickson, the regional coordinator for organ transplants at Durban's St. Augustine Hospital. Kallmeyer worked part-time at the hospital, according to Independent Online.

South African senior police superintendent Mary Martins-Engelbrecht said Durban police were investigating more than 70 cash-for-kidney o

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