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Weather anomaly: ‘Very unusual’ 8 inches of snow in Glennallen, Alaska and June snow at Showdown and other parts of Montana

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The weather is going crazy! And seems to cool down. Two anomalous – for the season – snow events were reported in Alaska and Montana these last days. A sign of the mini-ice age?

Snow in Alaska

People at Eureka Lodge woke to an unpleasant but probably brief return of winter Monday morning. The lodge got 6 to 8 inches of snow, owner Darla Fimpel said by phone.

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8 inches of snow fall in Alaska on June 11, 2018.

It was still snowing Monday morning, though, and an employee had started on a snowman.

State plows cleared the Glenn Highway around the lodge, she said.

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This is just too much. Are we entering a mini ice age?

The lodge is located near Glennallen, about 120 miles northeast of Anchorage, and sits above 3,000 feet, high enough that June snows aren’t out of the ordinary. The first week in June it’s not unlikely for us to get an inch of snow. But this much snow is very unusual.

Not a dream: Eureka Lodge awakes to ‘very unusual’ late-spring dump of snow

Snow in Montana

The calendar says it’s mid-June, and on Saturday much of the region experienced temperatures that soared into the 90s.

But a strong cold front moved in late Saturday, dropping temperatures in most areas by as much as 30 degrees for Sunday, and on Monday, some higher-elevation areas even fell below the freezing mark.

Light snow has been falling off-and-on throughout Monday at Showdown Ski Area in the Little Belt mountains. 

The temperatures at that elevation have been hovering right around 32 degrees, and some of the snow is sticking to the grass.

Very light snow has also been falling at Big Sky Ski Resort south of Bozeman, and along the Beartooth Pass on the Montana-Wyoming border.